18 Fall Desserts Baked & Ready To Share

September 11, 20180

DeLuxe Fruitcake Gift Box Set 2018

These 18 Desserts Are Perfect For The Gift Giving Season


The telltale signs of fall are upon us. The kids have gone back to school, college football is in full swing, and cooler weather has begun to subtly make its appearance. For most of us, the arrival of fall is a welcome relief as a change in seasons means a break from the sweltering summer heat.


While the official first day of fall isn’t until September 22nd, the first suggestions of cooler weather begin to set something in our brains in motion. Playfully dancing at the corners of our minds are the thoughts of the trick-or-treating, stuffed paper turkeys, and frocked pine trees. Suddenly, we find ourselves planning. Preparations and mental lists begin to unfurl as we sketch out upcoming trips, gifts, and menus for the impending holiday season. The procrastinators will say we are getting ahead of ourselves but the pumpkin spiced latte has already been available for a whole month now! So.. what does that tell you?!


Before you mentally hyperventilate, take comfort in the fact that we here at Collin Street Bakery are something akin to holiday experts. When it comes to helping you find the right holiday dessert or sending the perfect holiday gift, we have you covered. Not only is our online ordering super simple, our website allows you to place your order today while selecting your desired date of delivery for sometime in the future.


Collin Street Bakery Fall 2018 - Catalog Preview


As for what to order, we have some seriously delicious seasonal favorites. From cakes to pies, we have the perfect baked goods to set the right tone this fall season. See all of the products from our fall catalog below.



New York Style Cheesecake


This dense, velvety cheesecake is a classic. Made with real dairy butter, real cream, farm fresh eggs, and a homemade sweet graham cracker crust, this dessert is a big city classic made with small town TLC. The true beauty of this dessert lies in the way it can be presented. Perfect by itself or accompanied by fresh fruit, caramel sauce, ice cream, or chocolate drizzle, our New York Style Cheesecake can dressed up or down to accompany your individual tastes. Ideal for a large family gathering or a small dinner party, this cheesecake is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


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Strawberry Cheesecake

Made with fresh strawberries and luscious cream, this dessert is a bright twist on a dessert classic. Our Strawberry Cheesecake begins with a thick graham cracker crust, layered with a beautifully generous band of strawberry batter and finished with a blanket of traditional vanilla batter. One bite and you’ll dream of running through strawberry fields... forever.


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Key Lime Cheesecake

Made by combining two classic desserts, key lime pie, and traditional cheesecake, our Key Lime Cheesecake is the best of both dessert worlds. Smooth and creamy, with a subtle citrus kick, our dessert hybrid takes your taste buds to the tropics. This cheesecake is perfect for all the adventurous foodies who love trying all things new and exciting.


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Blueberry Cheesecake

If you love blueberry cream cheese, you’ll love this! Our Blueberry Cheesecake is filled with bright, ripe blueberries gently folded into a lusciously, dense cream cheese batter. This delicate smooth mixture rests atop a crunchy, handmade graham cracker base. The beautiful symphony of tastes and textures is pure heaven.


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White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake

White chocolate lovers everywhere rejoice at the sight of our White Chocolate Macadamia Cheesecake. Unlike milk or dark chocolate, white chocolate has a distinct sweetness without the characteristically bitter aftertaste of it’s darker counterparts. The white chocolate’s softness is perfectly balanced by the dense crunchiness of the macadamia nuts. Decorated with white chocolate chips and white chocolate shavings, this cheesecake as beautiful to serve as it is to eat.


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Deep Dish Pecan Pie

A light, flaky, buttery crust forms the base of this Texas classic. Then filled with a silky, caramel custard made from farm fresh eggs, we top our Deep Dish Pecan Pie with a thick layer of rich, roasted, crunchy pecans. Served plain, with a dollop of fresh whipped cream, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, this pie is so delicious, you’ll want to tell everyone you baked it yourself.


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Chocolate Fudge Pie

As decadent as a rich fudge brownie and as smooth as a piece of homemade fudge, our Chocolate Fudge Pie is straight out of a chocolate lover's dream. Set in a buttery and flaky pastry crust, our silky chocolate custard is perfectly baked. Best enjoyed warm and with a scoop of your favorite flavor of ice cream, this pie was made for you to have seconds.


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Deep Dish Fudge Pecan Pie

If you have ever stood at a dessert table debating between a slice of pecan pie and a slice of chocolate pie, this the dessert for you. Semi-sweet chocolate showered with roasted pecans, bound together in a deep-dish, fork-tender crust. A perfect marriage between two classics, our Deep Dish Fudge Pecan Pie is pure chocolatey-nutty goodness.


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White House Pumpkin Cake

Our White House Approved Pumpkin Cake is baked with traditional seasonal spices that sing the songs of the holidays. Enjoyed by Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr., this dessert is considered a Presidential staple. Imagine, our exquisite pumpkin batter, baked to perfection and glazed with a satiny layer of warm, cream cheese frosting. Good thing you don’t have to be a president to enjoy this holiday treat.

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Triple Chocolate Cake

Baked using only the finest chocolate and premium cocoa, our Triple Chocolate Cake checks all the dessert requirement boxes. The only thing better would be if it came with fudge icing to pour over the top… oh, wait! It does! This opulent dessert is perfect for sharing and enjoying with family and friends.


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World Famous DeLuxe® Fruitcake

*Available in Pre-Sliced / Regular / Medium / Large / Bundled Options

World famous since 1896, our DeLuxe Fruitcake has been Collin Street Bakery’s crowning achievement for 122 years!  Still faithfully baked to our original recipe, our DeLuxe contains only the very best ingredients nature can nurture. Made with natively grown pecans, hand-picked Costa Rican pineapple, ripe cherries, pure clover honey, and plump raisins, this cake is the cornerstone of family traditions across the globe. If you are looking to continue the legacy or even begin a new family tradition, this the cake for you.


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DeLuxe® Fruitcake in a Red Holly Gift Box

Are you looking to dress up your DeLuxe Fruitcake this season? Then look no further!

Our Red Holly Gift Box sends the warmest season's greeting to any and all. Decorated with traditional holiday colors and bright holly leaves and berries, our gift boxes let your special someone know just how much you are thinking of them.


Order DeLuxe Fruitcake In A Red Holly Gift Box


2018 Fall Gift Boxes Now Available For DeLuxe® And Texas Pecan Cakes

Send someone warm fall wishes with our decorative Gift Box! Made to fit our Regular, Medium, and Large size DeLuxe fruitcake or Texas Pecan Cakes*, these designer packages jazz up any cake delivery with the warm colors of fall leaves and pumpkins.


*Gift boxes are NOT available for Individual DeLuxe® Miniature or Flavored Texas Pecan Cake Miniature Singles.


See Products Available For Gift Boxes



Original DeLuxe® Fruitcake Petites

Regular or Chocolate Covered

Our DeLuxe Fruitcake petites are the perfect way to enjoy the delicious taste of fall in a perfectly sized, on-the-go snack cake. Baked from the same faithful recipe, our DeLuxe Fruitcake Petites are made with natively grown pecans, hand-picked Costa Rican pineapple, ripe cherries, pure clover honey, and plump raisins then covered in a special sweet glaze. Perfectly sized, these petites allow you to enjoy your Collin Street Bakery fruitcake with just one hand. Imagine all the amazing activities you could do while still eating a fruitcake petite! For example, you could enjoy your fruitcake petite with one hand and order more petites with the other hand! Whether you prefer the Original or the Chocolate Covered Petites, these delights provide you an igneous snacking opportunity.


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Strawberry Pecan Petites

Regular or Chocolate Covered

If you love the taste of fresh strawberries and delight at the sight of chocolate covered strawberries, then these petites are for you! Enjoy the flavors of your favorite fruit in our perfectly sized cake bites. Made with our rich honey pecan batter and laced with bright strawberries, these fruitcake petites preserve the taste of summer even in the fall. Whether you are a Strawberry Petite purist or prefer the addition of chocolate, you can enjoy your perfectly portioned fruitcake snack bite while on the go.


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Apricot Pecan Petites

Made with deliciously tender apricots, our Apricot Petites are the perfect sweet canape for your next holiday gathering. Perfectly bite-sized, plates and forks are not needed to enjoy this delightful combination of honey pecan batter and tangy apricots. Extremely delectable and simplistically convenient, we guarantee your guests will rave over these bite-sized bits of heaven. We do suggest, however, hide a box from your guests or once the party is over you won’t have any left for yourself.


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Pineapple Pecan Petites

Perfectly ripe pineapple graces our rich honey pecan batter to form our Pineapple Petites. Grown from over very own farms in Costa Rica, we guarantee only the highest quality pineapple is incorporated into our mouthwatering fruitcakes. Bite-sized, these petites are perfect for on-the-go snacking, perfectly proportioned party hors-d'oeuvre, or secret midnight munchies. Whether you are treating your friends or just treating yourself, these are guaranteed to please.


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