Cookies Are Just A Click Away

April 29, 20190

Collin Street Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies Display Tray


Cookies Are Just A Click Away


Here at the Collin Street Bakery, our ovens are practically running 24/7. Between our four Bakeshop locations, we crank out roughly 7,000 cookies a day. What’s even more impressive, every single one of our cookies is made from scratch daily and baked fresh right in our very own stores.


Our customers love our cookies so much we’ve even made our four most popular cookie flavors available online. Shipped directly to your doorstep, you can enjoy homemade cookies without ever having to turn on your oven.  Just a few clicks and the term “no bake cookies” takes on a whole new meaning.



Cherry Icebox Pink Cookie Stacked Four Collin Street Bakery




Soft and chewy just like a sugar cookie, our Cherry Ice Box cookies are a widely celebrated customer favorite. Made with chunks of tenderly glaceéd cherries and real cherry puree, these iconically pink cookies are simply one-of-kind. Finished with a decorative dusting of granulated sugar, these cookies are buttery, sweet, and bursting with real cherry flavor.





Peanut Butter Cookie Stacked Four Collin Street Bakery




Chewy and sweet, our Peanut Butter cookies are reminiscent of eating a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter. Made with chunks of real peanuts, these cookies are soft with a crunchy surprise.  All that’s missing is a glass of ice cold milk!





Vanilla Sugar Cookie Stacked Four Collin StreetBakery.JPG




Soft and chewy, our Sugar Cookies are absolute a dessert classic. Beautifully buttery and flavored with real vanilla extract, every batch is baked till light blonde perfection.  Finished with a delicate dusting of granulated sugar, our Sugar Cookies are simple yet scrumptious.





Chocolate Chip Cookie Stacked Four Collin Street Bakery




Made with rich butter, real vanilla extract, and handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate chips, our Chocolate Chip Cookies are a childhood classic. Just a slight bend and these golden brown cookies break open to reveal a soft and gooey center. Absolutely perfect for any occasion, our Chocolate Chip cookies are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. 






What are you waiting for?! You could be eating cookies RIGHT NOW instead of reading about them.





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