Cupcake Bouquet: A Delicious Spin On A Classic Valentine's Day gift.

February 09, 20180


A Delicious Spin On A Classic Valentine's Day Gift!


Collin Street Bakery is your one-stop shop for Valentine’s Day! Instead of giving that special someone a bouquet of wilting flowers, change things up by ordering a fresh bouquet of buttercream frosting cupcakes.

Our tasty, handcrafted buttercream cupcakes make the perfect gift and the most unique centerpiece. Watch how we update a classic tradition with this fun and uniquely modern twist.

Why not order some sugar for your sugar? Surprise your sweetie with a delicious cupcake bouquet. Flowers are sweet, but these are sweeter. Order your favorite cupcake flavor today! NOTE: This item is only available at Collin Street Bakery & Cafe locations. This item is available for pick up only.


5 Reasons To Give Her A Cupcake Bouquet:

1. You’ll make her the envy of the office - look at you Mr. Romantic.

2. You’ll get some sugar too - they are the perfect gift for sharing.

3. You’ll avoid being a Valentine’s Day cliche - regular ol’ flowers are so basic.

4. You’ll save some money - can’t afford both flowers AND chocolates? These give her both!

5. You’ll be able to give her something as beautiful and sweet as she is.







We will be accepting orders for the Valentines Day Cupcake Bouquet until February 9th.

To order, give us a call or visit a location near you to speak with a Cake Specialist.


You May Pre-Order From Any Bakery Location Below:

NOTE: Dates are subject to change by location.



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