Get Star Wars Cookies on May 4th, 2018

April 25, 20180


May the 4th Be With You!

The long-loved film series began in 1977 and has subsequently produced 10 live action movies over the course of 30 years! Considered to be one of the most popular film franchises ever produced, the tales from a galaxy far-far epitomizes one of the most down to earth struggles of which mankind can relate: the battle between good and evil. What makes these celestial battles more enthralling than any other historical conflict, is the presence of a powerful, invisible entity, which can be manipulated for either the light or the dark. The power, of course, is ‘The Force.’


The Force

Now the Force has been consistently alluded to throughout the entire series but has yet to be distinctly defined. The idea of the Force encompasses the idea all living things create, share, and inhabit energy. This energy, flowing between every living thing, creates an invisible web of tension binding all creation together. A similar theory is the “Butterfly Effect,” which posits that all events are connected; for example, a butterfly flapping its wings in Texas can propagate out through the atmosphere to cause an earthquake in Siberia.

The Force has also been related to the ancestral teachings of Yin and Yang. For all things good to exist, there must, by necessity, be a balance of bad. Growth can only exist if destruction also exists. Life can only occur if accompanied by death. Light cannot shine without darkness. This juxtaposition between all living and non-living things cannot be confined to just one ecosystem. This give-and-take extends to every ecosystem, planet, solar system and galaxy creating the largest metaphysical connect-the-dot game imaginable. The Force is “universal.”

So what does that mean then to say, “May the Force be with you?” Essentially, it’s a blessing, expressing the hope the universe’s good energy will guide and protect you. By accepting the Force, you are accepting the idea life is a balance and wishing others a beautifully balanced life in return.


Go Now, Young Padawan

With this new knowledge, it’s important to embrace the idea of the Force and find balance in your life. For example, the perfect balance between the amount of sugar cookie to its frosting. Here at Collin Street Bakery, we respect the teachings of the Force. So we are serving up limited edition Star Wars frosted sugar cookies on Friday, May 4th. Come grab an edible version of your favorite Star Wars character and always remember, “May the Fourth” be with you!!

Find the closest Collin Street Bakery Bakeshops to plan your trip on May 4th! Cookie supplies are limited, so get here…faster than a land speeder on Tatooine!


Locations with Star Wars cookies on May 4th, 2018:

Downtown Corsicana 
401 W. 7th Ave.
Corsicana, Tx 75110

Corsicana Interstate 45
2035 S I-45
Corsicana, Tx 75110
Exit 229

Bellmead - Waco Interstate 35
701 N I-35
Bellmead, Tx 76705
Exit 338A

Lindale - Interstate 20
17044 I - 20 W
Lindale, Tx 75771
Hideaway Lake Exit

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