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November 12, 20180


Two New Flavors!

Texas Pecan Cakes 2018 Release



Imagine browsing through our products. You already have the famous DeLuxe® Fruitcake at home, and you’ve picked out your favorite, Pecan Pie. But this time, you want to try something new. You haven’t seen a new product release from us in a while, and you want to know exactly what we’ve been cooking up. We’ve got TWO new items that will be a great addition to your dessert table this holiday season!


How Did We Create These New Desserts?


We wanted to give a bit of variation to our line of Pecan Cakes, and we sat down with Pat Bourland, creator of the recipes, to discuss exactly what’s in these decadent cakes. Pat reminded us, “It’s been six years since we released a new pecan cake!”

Pat Bourland Collin Street Bakery Baker Holding Deluxe Pecan Cake

There was no hesitation as far as them wanting to put out a new product, it's getting the flavor of the cakes right.

The Salted Caramel Pecan Cake recipe took the most adjusting to perfect. “They wanted more caramel in the cake so I had to go back and adjust the pecans and the caramel”, he explains.  “They're 50/50 instead of more caramel than pecans.” Sweet caramel bits in the honey batter complement the pecans nuttiness and create this savory and sweet cake. Of course, we added our classic ripe cherries and pineapple, and golden raisins. Sea salt is sprinkled on top, along with more pecans, and completes the Salted Caramel essence.

We’ve seen how chocolate can take Fruitcake to a new level with our Chocolate Covered Fruitcake Petites, but the new Cherry Fudge Pecan Cake is different from the DeLuxe® Fruitcake or any other Pecan Cake. We start with native pecans, ripe cherries, and sweet chocolate chips. Cocoa is added to the batter to give it a decadent fudge flavor. What makes this cake so different, is that we left out a few of our normal Pecan Cake superstars. “No pineapple, papaya, or raisins in this one”, Bourland addressed. This makes for a far from average Pecan Cake, different from what our customers are used to. With this new addition, we hope to broaden the flavors of the Pecan Cake family.


Salted Caramel Pecan Cake



Caramel bits are added to our classic honey batter to surround ripe pineapple and cherries, golden raisins, and nutty pecans and form this new addition to the Texas Pecan Cake family. Baked to perfection and finished with a sprinkling of crystallized sea salt, this Pecan Cake is the ideal combination of sweet and salty.





Cherry Fudge Texas Pecan Cake



A culinary match made in Heaven! Scrumptious chocolate fudge is folded into our special, pecan cake batter (bursting with crunchy Texas pecans) and mixed to the perfect consistency. Then, to protect their delicate shape, we blend in red cherries. The result is cherry chocolate perfection. Luscious chocolate and bright cherries are the stars in this rich and moist cake. Combined with nutty pecans, just one slice and you’ll be hooked. decadent and dense, this new addition to the Texas Pecan Cake family is quickly becoming a customer favorite.



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