PESH Caving How Fruitcake Fuels Scientific Discovery Part 1

August 23, 20197


How Fruitcake Fuels Scientific Discovery - Part 1



Collin Street is a proud supporter of outdoor adventurers and wilderness explorers! Committed to fueling those who pursue their passions, our Bakery readily supplies power-packed fruitcake to intrepid groups of hikers, bikers, climbers, and campers; groups like PESH, an organization dedicated to mapping the deepest underground caving system in the Western Hemisphere.


Collin Street's involvement has helped keep this group of enterprising cavers energized and focused during their month-long scientific exploration of the Sistema Huautla cave systems. Bill Steele, the PESH Co-Leader, wrote the following testimony about the Bakery’s involvement.



A Letter From
Charles William "Bill" Steele, Jr.


We are very pleased that Collin Street Bakery has once again sponsored PESH’s expedition to the Sistema Huautla, the deepest cave in the Western Hemisphere and what some have called the greatest cave system on Earth.


Proyecto Espeleologico Sistema Huautla (PESH) was organized five years ago with the goal of conducting annual month-long expeditions in order to create a comprehensive speleological study of the Sistema Huautla area caves in Oaxaca, Mexico. PESH began back in 2013 and is slated to continue our annual expeditions till 2023. 


While the Sistema Huautla has been explored since 1966, there is still much to learn. The cave system is extensive with twenty-nine entrances, fifty-five miles of passages, twenty-five deep routes, and 600 vertical shafts in a complex system 5,118 feet from top to bottom.


In addition to mapping countless new rooms and passageways, new species of life forms were collected and sent to biological scientists. One of these finds included a paleontological cave, which contained the bones of unknown species of large Ice Age mammals.


In order to properly document our expeditions, PESH has some of the best cave photographers on staff. While on this years’ expedition, we made certain to capture images of how we used Collin Street Bakery’s coffee and fruitcake to fuel our excursions.


During this year’s trip, we established FIVE long-term underground camps. The camps lasted between three and nine  days in duration with up to six cavers in a camp staying underground and exploring for that duration of time. We used our packed DeLuxe® Fruitcakes as celebratory dinners in the deep underground camps when significant breakthroughs or discoveries had occurred.


We hope to continue to rely on Collin Street Bakery in the future for the remainder of our expeditions.


Best regards,


Bill Steele

PESH Co-Leader



Collin Street is honored to be able to support PESH in its scientific ambitions and plans to continue providing annual support for their excursions.


Here at the Bakery, we love sharing unique stories of our fruitcake especially those which place our products in a new and exciting light. Fruitcake is often confined as a once-a-year holiday tradition. However, the PESH exploration team saw unchartered potential in our quintessential seasonal treat. Bill Steele and his rugged group of cave explorers have taken fruitcake to brand new extremes, using fruitcake for survival, for diplomacy, for celebrations, and for fuel.


Stay tuned for the second part of our blog series, ‘PESH Expedition: Part Two,’ when we take a deep dive underground to map uncharted territory.

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That is so interesting . Fruitcake needs to go on next nasa launch
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I could survive happily by living on a diet of the Deluxe Fruitcake. I try to keep a pre-sliced one in my freezer so I can pull out a piece when needed. I will be 88 years old, living alone, so I don't do much baking myself anymore. My favorite and usually my only dessert is your fruitcake. Thank you for making your Fruitcakes like the ones my Mom used to make. Ann-Marie Remillard
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Noteworthy project by generating new knowledge for all mankind. Hope I will still be around to read, listen, interact & process the information yield. Way to go courageous men & women!
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I enjoyed reading about the expedition and forwarded it to my son who loves caves and hiking, and most of all he loves FRUITCAKE as much as I do. Great fruitcakes every time I order. Thank you!
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I imagine the fruit cake is the perfect ration for the trip. Would like to hear more about the trips.

R. Trevin
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Good choice for this wonderful group
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