The very first picture of the very first Collin Street Bakery

August 09, 20180

Collin Street Bakery - Corsicana, TX


This is one of the first pictures of the very first Collin Street Bakery, located on, of course, Collin Street in downtown Corsicana, TX. The legacy started in 1896 is still going strong to this day. Sometimes, it’s important to reflect on the past to fully understand how far you’ve come. It’s been 122 years since we sold our first cake. That’s pretty impressive for a small town bakery from Texas.

Since then, we have grown from a small, local operation to an internationally recognized bakery. We are extremely proud of that! We love the fact that delivering to 195 countries worldwide has allowed our desserts to obtain international fandom. Take a walk down memory lane with us and check out the images below. 


Early Images 


Historic Collin Street Bakery 


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