Valentine's Day Preview 2019

January 22, 20190


Valentine's Day Sale

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Are you prepared to show that special someone just how much you love them? Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or the best dessert to cap that special evening, we have you covered.


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Regular DeLuxe® Fruitcake with FREE Valentines Gift Box



Fruitcake isn’t just for Christmas anymore! Perfect for any occasion, our DeLuxe® fruitcakes are layered with delectable, luscious fruits like hand-picked Costa Rican pineapple, ripe Oregon cherries, and golden Californian raisins. Folded together with crunchy native pecans and sweet Burleson honey, this cake is the ideal sweet treat to share with those you love most.


Dress up your gift to show that special someone just how much you love them. With your purchase of our Regular DeLuxe® Fruitcake, receive our FREE Valentine’s Day gift sleeve. Tastefully decorated with mini red hearts and vibrant roses, your crush is certain to notice your romantic gesture.









Chocolate Covered Cherry Fudge Pecan Petites

New Product!


Traditional chocolate covered cherries just experienced a brand new upgrade! The newest Texas Pecan Cake flavor is finally in perfectly bite-sized morsels! Rich chocolate fudge, bright red Oregon cherries, and native Texas pecans are folded into our signature honey batter. Then portioned into perfectly single serving petites and baked to perfection, these individual cakes are the ideal Valentine’s Day dessert.








DeLuxe® Petites


This year, ditch gifting the unpredictable box of mystery chocolates filled with questionable and unpalatable fillings. Instead, give the gift of moist, delicious fruitcake. With every bite, you know exactly what you’re getting: native Texas pecans, Costa Rican pineapple, ripe cherries, plump raisins, and rich golden honey. Perfectly bundled in bite-sized morsels, this gift is guaranteed to please!







Chocolate Covered DeLuxe® Petites

Customer Favorite!


Torn between which dessert to give this Valentine’s day: cake or chocolate?


Our Chocolate Covered DeLuxe® Petites are the perfect compromise. Starting with perfectly proportional mouthfuls of DeLuxe® Fruitcake, our petites are then baked to perfection and smothered in smooth milk chocolate. You shouldn’t have to choose between two of your favorite desserts. Get everything you want this Valentine’s Day.









Strawberry Pecan Cake




Is there anything more romantic than the luscious taste of ripe strawberries?


Our opulent Strawberry Pecan Cakes are packed full of exquisitely juicy strawberries, picked fresh off the vine. Expertly baked into a moist cake, the sweetness of the berries is perfectly accompanied by handfuls of crunchy, nutty pecans. Large enough to feed all your family and friends, this cake is ideal for a Valentine’s Day celebration.










Strawberry Pecan Petites




Made with farm-fresh strawberries, native pecans, and sweet Burleson honey, our Strawberry Pecan Petites are basically strawberry cake pops without the stick. With 12 petites in each pack, these bites sized cakes are the perfect romantic treat to share with your crush, your gal-entines, or just by yourself.










Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pecan Petites



Give your standby Valentine's Day treats an upgrade. Chocolate covered strawberries were so last year. This year, try these delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pecan Petites. The perfect combination of fresh fruit and moist cake, these bite-sized desserts are perfect to share or individually indulge.










Triple Chocolate Cake




Our Triple Chocolate Cake is the ideal gift for true romantics. Baked using only premium cocoa powder, decadent milk chocolate, and topped with a silky fudge sauce, our triple chocolate cake is a chocolate lovers dream.  Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like a slice of chocolate cake after a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner.










Cherry Ice Box Cookies

Customer Favorite!



Infused with natural cherry flavors and combined with chunks of real cherries, our Cherry Ice Box Sugar Cookies are a definite customer favorite. Soft and chewy these cookies are the perfect gift to share with your littlest Valentines. Perfectly pink and finished with a sprinkling of granulated sugar, one bite will have you coming back for seconds. *Only available to U.S. street adresses*





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