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April 25, 20162

Anyone born in Texas will tell you - there’s a definite sense of pride that comes along with being a native of the Lone Star State. And since Collin Street Bakery was born in Corsicana, Texas, back in 1896, we’re just as proud to be Texan through and through.

But the fact that we’re a Texas-based business isn’t the only reason that we consider ourselves Texan to the core. Our bakery has Texas woven throughout its DNA. From our cakes and pies, made with freshly shelled Texas pecans, to our company history and values, we’re just as much a part of Texas as it is a part of us.

Texas History

We’re proud to have played a part in the history of our hometown, Corsicana, back when the railroad regularly brought famous names and faces in and out of town to make business deals or put on travelling shows. While our founder, Gus Weidmann, was busy baking his famous desserts at the turn of the century, his partner, Tom McElwee headed up sales.

When Mobil and Texaco were each founded in Corsicana, with big names in oil and gas gathering for the wheeling and dealing, Tom was there to hand out our signature fruitcakes – which haven’t changed one whit since then, by the way – to every executive, to be packed away in their travel trunks and taken home to share with friends and family once the deal making was done.

When famous figures such as Will Rogers, Enrico Caruso, “Gentleman” Jim Corbett, and “Terrible Tempered” John McGraw rolled into town to perform at the Corsicana Opera House or take part in a boxing match, Tom made sure that they each received a fruitcake – and that everyone else knew that they were fans.

And when John Ringling came into town with his circus, he ensured that the entire troupe ended up coming into the bakery to order fruitcakes to be sent to their friends and family all around the world! 

Even our building has historic roots – from our humble beginnings in a small bakery building, Collin Street Bakery grew so successful that after just ten years, we were able to build a new, much larger bakery – so large, in fact, that Tom made the top floor into an elegant hotel to welcome visiting celebrities and dignitaries in style.

Texas Values     

But apart from our connections with history, Texas values are an integral part of what Collin Street Bakery stands for. Texans are all about family, freedom, and that cowboy work ethic, and we here at Collin Street are no different.

We’ve been dedicated to baking only the very best for over 115 years, and working hard to share our cakes and pies with the world. From the start, we’ve been innovative and independent, coming up with inventive new ideas to market our products. But at the same time, we’ve always stayed true to our Collin Street family heritage, proudly telling the story of Gus’s arrival in America from Germany, and using the exact same recipes he brought with him.

Being Texan is not just something we like to talk about – it’s actually something that defines us. And when you take a bite of our delicious Texas Pecan Cakes or our Texas Fruitcakes, you’ll agree. All that Texas history, all those Texas values, and all of those fresh Texas pecans are what make our desserts so special. So why not get a taste of Texas today? Place your order now, y’all!    

Added by cynthia kahn

We truly enjoy the Costa Rico Gourmet coffee we purchase from you, and we also enjoyed the Fruitcake my mother sent us this past Christmas! Being a native Texan (Houstonian), I grew up eating Texas pecans & my mother's homemade Pecan pie as often as we could get her to make it! My mother & I would sit on the front porch & shell pecans for pies, cakes, etc. She was a perfectionist with her pie & would only use pecan halves that were completely intact. And every birthday she would make my favorite cake - German Chocolate, and also using freshly shelled Texas pecans! Therefore with this order of your delicious Costa Rican coffee, I am also ordering your Pecan Pie. It has always been my fav pie.
Added by Edward

I have been ordering Texas pecan cakes since around 1975 when living in Ft Worth and Dallas. I continued ordering while living in Missouri, New Jersey, 5 years in Korea, and now Virginia. Now, at age 77, I hope to continue ordering these wonderful fruitcakes for another 25 years, Lord permitting. The site is bookmarked in my PC so I can order from anywhere.
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