Deluxe Fruitcake Stuffing Served in White Bowl

Have you ever tried fruitcake stuffing?

Made with traditional holiday ingredients, this recipe produces a show-stopping stuffing that is surprisingly simple to make. Take a moment to watch a short how-to video to help you re-create this tasty holiday treat.


Pumpkin or Pecan

As possibly one of the greatest holiday dessert debates, we have decided to weigh in on this decision with a few of our fall favorites. Take a moment to read the descriptions for each of our original pumpkin and pecan desserts to help make your selection.

Hiking the Grand Canyon with Fruitcake

Whether its a short trip to the local park or a long hike in the trails of Arizona, how much planning do you put into snacks for energy on your next adventure? It may be to your surprise that some have turned to our traditional fruitcake as a source of energy for keeping your body moving while out in the elements and being limited to what you can carry on your back. Find out more from avid hiker and outdoorsman, Tim Hoime, as he trekked 24 miles across a trail that spans from Rim-to-Rim along the Grand Canyon.