Chris Woolsey Holds Pecan Bread in Front of Restored Model T

“Let’s Get This Bread” has a whole new meaning today...

In the early 1900’s, Collin Street Bakery delivered freshly baked bread to local homes and business with the assistance of horse-drawn carriages. However, as demand began to outpace our delivery efforts, horse-drawn carriages were replaced by the far more quick and efficient Model T Trucks. Today, we get are still “getting bread”... to happy customers.

How to slice a deluxe fruitcake from collin street bakery hands inserting paper between slices

How To Slice A Fruitcake

Serve your fruitcake quickly and easily, without the mess! If you didn't choose our pre-sliced fruitcake then learn this simple technique to slice your fruitcake evenly at your next event or party.

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