Collin Street Bakery Holiday "Toogood" Bars How To Recipes

Holiday "Toogood" Bars

If you loved our Fruitcake Stuffing recipe, or are looking for a different way to enjoy our fruitcake, check out this recipe! We’ve turned our DeLuxe Fruitcake into 4 different dessert bars, with the addition of only a few ingredients.

A How-To Guide For Cheesecake Toppings

Have you received one of our cheesecakes as a gift, or are you considering purchasing one? Kick the flavor up a notch by topping your cheesecake with a homemade fruit sauce! Here you’ll find easy to follow steps on how to recreate these flavorful toppings.


Presidential Pumpkin Cake Trifle Thumbnail

How Do You Make Pumpkin Trifle?

Made with Collin Street Bakery’s Presidential Pumpkin Cake and Pecan Brittle, this recipe creates a treat that will capture your guest's attention and please their pallet. Check out the steps on how to re-create this towering trifle!