At over 3,000 acres and steadily growing, the word "farm" seems a bit inadequate!

We harvest over 38 million pineapples a year here at Finca Corsicana!   Now that's a lot of pineapple!

Our pineapple has been deemed the world's finest!  And Finca Corsicana is one of the only farms on record to earn a perfect score for quality by one of the major international fruit distributers.


Welcome to Finca Corsicana!


World's Largest Organic Pineapple Farm

Main Ingredient in Our World Famous

DeLuxe® Fruitcake!

Finca Corsicana (which simply means Corsicana Farm in Spanish) is Collin Street Bakery's ambitious pineapple project in central Costa Rica.  It was founded in 1991, to guarantee only the highest quality pineapple and papaya for our baked goods.

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Finca Corsicana features state of the art equipment and facilities and is home to our organic pineapple operation.  The largest of its kind on Earth! It is located near the foot of Mount Poas, a very active volcano with the second largest crater in the world.  The volcanic activity has made the land abundantly rich with minerals.  In fact, the land here in Costa Rica is so fertile, fence posts actually take root and sprout leaves!

We are located near the quaint little town of La Virgen in central Costa Rica, less than a two hour drive north from San Jose.  The trip takes you from the capital city up into the mountains that cut diagonally through Costa Rica where a number of active volcanoes are located. You will climb high above the city, encountering spectacular thousand foot gorges, beautiful waterfalls, and mysterious cloud forests. At the height of your climb, you will pass within a few miles of Mount Poas, one of the more active volcanoes in the world.   You will then descend the other side to soon arrive at Finca Corsicana.  The sea of pineapple arranged in geometric patterns across the floor of this valley is an amazing sight.

Due to the ever increasing interest in eco-tourism in general, and pineapple farming in particular, Collin Street Bakery built a tourist facility in 2005 to welcome visitors to our farm.  Finca Corsicana features a beautiful outdoor restaurant and tourist center, and a comprehensive tour of the entire pineapple process, from start to finish. You will learn how pineapples came to be the "Fruit of Kings," and how the growing and harvesting techniques evolved over time. The tour will take you out into the 3,000 acres of pineapple fields in specially designed trailers, and then back to the facility to see the processing and packing process that guarantees only the finest pineapple leaves our shipping dock.

So whether you are interested in visiting us in exotic Costa Rica, or just enjoying one of our fine Costa Rican products from the comfort of your own home, you've come to the right place.