GREAT TASTE – We feel Collin Street Bakery Fruitcakes are the best and the most delicious cake on the market!

QUALITY - Each cake is baked to an exacting standard of quality using the finest ingredients - not to a price.

INDIVIDUALLY BAKED – Our cakes are individually baked and hand decorated, not mass produced.

EXPERIENCE – Our Bakery was founded in 1896, which means 122 years of successful baking experience are behind each cake.

TIN – Festive, reusable tin keeps the cake fresh to the last delicious bite.

REORDER RATE – 80% of our customers reorder for three years or more.  Think of those repeat orders through the years.

SHIPPING – To help boost your profit – we pay all normal shipping charges.

SALES HISTORY – We have several non-profit organizations who have sold our cakes for over 50 consecutive years!

COMMUNITY GOODWILL – You will be selling a product you are proud of and one which your customers will feel is superior.

  • SUPPLIES – Brochures, order forms, and customer handouts are supplied free of charge to aid in your sales campaign.

  • SELLING TIPS – If you follow our time-tested strategy – sales will come easy and your job is almost done.


    • Questions about fundraising? Call 800-747-8836