Original DeLuxe® Fruitcake In Mahogany Styled Box


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Added by Diana C.

Great fruit cake. Have eaten it for years !

I'm a fruitcake aficionado, I love fruitcakes. Until I discovered COLLINS STREET BAKERY in the mid-1990's, I had pretty much given up on fruitcakes. The quality of the fruitcakes one could find typically was very poor. The average fruitcake was dry with the consistency of a bale of hay.

To my delightful surprise, a friend of mine from Houston introduced me to COLLINS and their outstanding, delicious line of fruitcakes in the early to mid-1990's. Since then, I've been in fruitcake heaven! Since "discovering" Collins every year I purchase two or three medium-size fruitcakes and have never, I literally mean never, ever been disappointed.

Now, I know there are "those" that are not enthusiastic about fruitcakes-such is life.
However, for those of us that truly "appreciate" the best of the best, we don't have to look any further than COLLINS. No brag-just fact!
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