Regular DeLuxe® Fruitcake in Red Holly Gift Box


Decorated with traditional holiday colors and bright holly leaves and berries, our gift boxes send only the warmest season's greeting.  Your family and friends are certain to notice you went above and beyond this year by adding this extra touch of holiday cheer.

(1 7/8 lbs)

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5 Reviews
Added by Ron

My father ordered fruitcakes from Collin Street for my wife and I since early 80's and he would always spend a few weeks basting it with Cognac before gifting to us at Christmas. The basting isn't at all necessary for your fine fruitcake but I have to tell you not only have I continued the tradition since my father passed in 2013 but also have expanded it to include (separately of course) single malt scotch (Glenlivet 12, Compass Box Oak Cross and Singleton 18) and bourbon (1792 full proof, Stagg Jr 136 proof, Bookers 127 proof) Stagg Jr. wins hands down.
Added by Jahar

I love your fruit cake. I get one every year.
Added by Andrea

My family (parents, husband, sister and her family, cousins, aunts and uncles) have to have fruitcakes for holidays. We order it before thanksgiving and again for Christmas. After the first order my aunt placed from this company, which was in 1986/87 and that what we've been doing ever since. If the fruitcake is not from Collin Street my son wouldn't eat it and will use it as doorstop and that what he did. :)
Added by Janet

An annual tradition for my dad !!!!!!
Added by Nicola (from United Kingdom)

My friend in Yorkshire sent us one of your deluxe fruitcakes one year and as a family who never liked fruit cake we have become converts. We were delighted to receive another one this year. It lasts for ages and is absolutely delicious! Thank you!
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