Strawberry Pecan Cake

Tenderly glaceèd strawberries are gently folded in our signature honey-sweetened cake batter. Accompanied by handfuls of crunchy native Texas pecans this beautiful, blush color cake tastes like absolute strawberry bliss.

Servings Per Package: 20 | 1 lbs 14 oz | Item #803

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We took our World Famous honey batter and blended it with our Texas Pecans and delicious strawberries, and then added even more strawberries!  The result was a taste sensation. Our staff loved it and we think you will too!

Each cake comes in an attractive keepsake tin!

Wt. 1 lb. 14 oz.

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Our Cinchona Costa Rican Coffee is a rich gourmet coffee that comes from the mountains of Costa Rica. The "rich coast" of Costa Rica, abundant with Tropical rainforest, white water rivers and live volcanoes, has for centuries produced some of the world's finest coffee.


Gift Box

Make it a special gift with a hand-wrapped seasonal gift box around your cake.

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