Apricot Pecan Cake

Deluxe Handfuls of tenderly glaceèd apricots are gently folded in our signature honey-sweetened cake batter. Accompanied by handfuls of crunchy native Texas pecans, our cakes are baked to low and slow till golden brown perfection. Crunchy and sweet, our Apricot Pecan Cake is a delicious twist on a classic cake.

Servings Per Package: 20 | 1 lbs 14 oz | Item #113


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Added by Patricia

These fruitcakes are so awesome. They are so moist and delivered so quickly. I am not a fruitcake lover as is the rest of my family but when I tasted the Apricot fruitcake, I fell in love. I definitely recommend Collins Street Bakery and I hope to order more soon.
Added by Loretta

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