Pecan Pie From Collin Street Bakery

Deep Dish Pecan Pie

From the heart of Texas comes a pecan pie that's lavished with rich, roasted, crunchy native pecans - our "Deep Dish Pecan Pie". Generous helpings of tender pecans, hand-picked from Texas native pecan groves, give this pie a distinctively mellow taste. Its caramel-flavored custard filling is made from whole, farm-fresh eggs. A light, flaky, buttery crust rounds out this deep-dish pecan pie classic. Needlepoint tin included.

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Item: 106 - Deep Dish Pecan Pie ($29.95 $24.95)
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The Deep Dish Pecan Pie may be refrigerated up to a week. For longer storage, place the pecan pie in freezer.

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