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    Our world-famous DeLuxe® Fruitcake has been a favorite since 1896 — still baked faithfully to our original recipe.

    Our famous keepsake tin Included with each fruitcake

    • Each fruitcake is the perfect balance of native pecans (27%), shelled here in Corsicana, Texas.

    • Hand-picked Golden sweet pineapple and lush papaya, from our own farms in Costa Rica.

    • Ripe, red cherries from Oregon and Washington State.

    • Pure clover honey, plump golden raisins.

    • Refrigerated, the DeLuxe® stays moist and delicious for months.

    • Each fruitcake arrives in it's own keepsake tin!


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    Sliced Fruitcake

    Now you can have your exquisite, one-of-a-kind DeLuxe® Fruitcake delivered to your door pre-sliced! Each fruit cake is sliced into easy-to-serve portions! A true time-saver for your next holiday party, and a great gift for your favorite host or hostess.


    Add Coffee

    Our Cinchona Costa Rican Coffee is a rich gourmet coffee that comes from the mountains of Costa Rica. The "rich coast" of Costa Rica, abundant with Tropical rainforest, white water rivers and live volcanoes, has for centuries produced some of the world's finest coffee.


    Gift Box

    Make it a special gift with a hand-wrapped seasonal gift box around your cake.

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    DeLuxe® Fruitcake 1 7/8 lbs


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    DeLuxe® Fruitcake 1 7/8 lbs. + Coffee


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    USA 7-14 BUSINESS DAY STD. $6.95

    USA PAL (Military Only) 1 TO 3 WEEKS $6.95


    DeLuxe® Fruitcake 2 7/8 lbs.


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    USA 7-14 BUSINESS DAY STD. $6.95

    USA PAL (Military Only) 1 TO 3 WEEKS $6.95


    DeLuxe® Fruitcake 2 7/8 lbs + Coffee


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    USA 7-14 BUSINESS DAY STD. $6.95

    USA PAL (Military Only) 1 TO 3 WEEKS $6.95


    DeLuxe® Fruitcake 4 7/8 lbs 


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    USA 7-14 BUSINESS DAY STD. $6.95

    USA PAL (Military Only) 1 TO 3 WEEKS $6.95


     DeLuxe® Fruitcake 4 7/8 lbs + Coffee


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    USA PAL (Military Only) 1 TO 3 WEEKS




  • Fruitcake FAQs
    What products can be shipped to foreign countries?
      The DeLuxe® Fruitcake, Apricot Pecan Cake, Pineapple Pecan Cake, Texas Blonde Pecan Cake, DeLuxe® Fruitcake Gift Set, Apricot Pecan Gift Set, Pineapple Pecan Gift Set, Set of 4 Mini Int'l Fruitcakes, and Coffee.
    What are the ingredients in your DeLuxe® Fruitcake?
      Ingredients: pecans, cherries, corn syrup, sugar, flour, pine-apple, raisins, eggs, invert sugar, honey, liquid soybean oil & hydrogenated soybean oil, papaya, water, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup solids, orange peel, natural and artificial flavor, sulphur dioxide, red #40, blue #1, tumeric (color)
    What are the sizes and the amount of servings of the DeLuxe® Fruitcake?
      Regular Size
    Item 101
    30 oz (1 lb 14 oz)
    Ships as a 3 lb pkg
    7" Diameter
    (Approx.) Slices 20
    Medium Size
    Item 102
    46 oz (2 lb 14 oz)
    Ships as a 4 lb pkg
    8" Diameter
    (Approx.) Slices 30

    Large Size
    Item 103
    78 oz (4 lb 14 oz)
    Ships as a 7 lb pkg
    10" Diameter
    (Approx.) Slices 50


    How do you "Doctor" the DeLuxe® Fruitcake?
      We recommend a good Cognac, Brandy, Red Wine or Port be used. Simply soak a clean white cheese cloth in the spirit of your choice then remove the cello wrap from your DeLuxe® and place the cloth completely around the cake. Make sure to fill the center hole with part of the well soaked cloth.

    Place the "Doctored" DeLuxe® back in the tin and refrigerate. After about 5 days remove and re-soak the cheese cloth with special interest on the part in center of cake.

    Repeat every 5 days keep tasting until it's just right.

    Happy Sampling!
    How do you store the DeLuxe® and what's the correct way to slice it?
      The DeLuxe® is best when enjoyed within a few days of arrival. With refrigeration, it can stay moist and easy-to-slice for a least two months. For longer storage, we suggest the freezer.

    To Slice: Without removing the foil liner, slice with a serrated knife using a sawing motion. Wipe blade with a wet cloth after each slice. Remove liner for serving. Slicing with the liner still in place yields consistent slices for a more attractive presentation.
    How long does the DeLuxe® last?
    Oh, about 10 minutes after its unwrapped? smile!

    Your cake will keep well at room temperature for 60-90 days. (I always put mine in the refrigerator). If long storage is anticipated then the freezer is the place for it.
    Is the DeLuxe® Fruitcake only available at certain times of the year?
      The DeLuxe® Fruitcakes are always freshly baked and available year round.


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333 Reviews
Added by John DSouza

Since 1985 I've been enjoying your fruit cakes. These days, I send out a lot of cakes at Christmas-time :)
Added by Linda

I remember coming to the old bakery when I was small with my grandmother on vacation. She has been gone for 25 years now but the memories will always be there! Thank you!
Added by Connie

My husband and I visited the original store on Sunday. We drove 280 miles just to visit the store. My husband enjoyed the 10 cent coffee while I shopped. We really enjoyed the trip. We'll see you next year!!
Added by Ed

We've been your customers since 1989, and still coming for us and our friends as Christmas gifts. DeLuxe® Fruitcakes are the best.
Added by Harriette

My 93 yr old dad always looks forward to "doctoring" his fruitcake for the weeks of the holidays.
Added by E. Treadwell

I used to get your fruitcakes as a regular Christmas dinner from my brother in-law each year, and grew very fond of them. After his passing, I had no other choice than start my regular Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner special.

Love the coffee that I rec with the Thanksgiving cake and I am looking forward to the same great cake at Christmas. Thank you guys for doing such a great job.
Added by Susie

Your products, particularly your fruitcake & pecan pies, are FABULOUS! THE BEST EVER!
Added by Norman

This is my 12th year that I have purchased a fruit cake from Collin Street. I have never been disappointed. I have shared with people who have stated that they “don’t like fruit cake”. After they tasted Collin Street, they realized that they loved fruit cake!
Added by Darla

This fruitcake has become a family tradition. We always look forward to having a slice with a glass of eggnog around the fire. It just wouldn't be Christmas without it!
Added by L.C.

It can't be Christmas without this fruitcake!!
Added by Peter

My Dad lives in Illinois & says your fruitcakes are the best. Since I live in Texas, I am the chosen one to send it to him every Christmas.
Added by Stephanie

Best Fruitcake out there!

My parents have been receiving this fruitcake yearly since they were married - over 40 years ago!! I have since taken over the yearly tradition, sending a cake to them each holiday season.
Added by Miguel

Feliz Navidad!
Added by Edward S.

It was tradition. My mother sent a Collin Street DeLuxe® Fruitcake to everyone in the family at Christmas time. Since she died, I have continued her tradition. Merry Christmas.
Added by Jack

For many years my Mother has sent us a Collin Street DeLuxe® fruit cake. It has become one of our Christmas traditions. It just wouldn't be the same without one.
Added by S.B.

My mom began receiving your mail order fruitcakes when I was in JHS back in the mid-70s. This was way before the Internet! She hasn't ordered any of your fruitcakes since then. Not knowing what to give my mom this Christmas, I suddenly remembered how she enjoyed your fruitcakes and so did I. I will surprise her by shipping your fruitcake to her doorstep this year. She'll know exactly who ordered it for her since my dad passed away long ago and my siblings were very young back then. It makes me happy knowing she'll enjoy this special indulgence!
Added by SUZY

Added by Dennis

Thanks for the quick turnaround! I just ordered cookies the other day and my nephew called to thank me today for them! Said they were incredibly good. Sure appreciate the quality and service!
Added by Geo

Having grown up in Texas, I've been eating your fruitcake at the holidays as long as I can remember. This year we visited my girlfriend's sister and brother-in-law in San Jose, California for Thanksgiving. I truly enjoyed my time there and could think of no finer expression of my gratitude for their hospitality than to order a DeLuxe® Fruitcake for them. It arrived yesterday and I look forward to their reaction when they open it for Christmas.
Added by James

Christmas without your special fruit cake is unimaginable.
Added by Travis

As a boy in the early 70s, I still remember getting our first fruitcake from Colin Street Bakery at Christmas time. The can was beautiful to me, and the cake was simply fabulous. Each year we enjoyed these marvelous cakes.

Now grown with a family of my own, this fruitcake remains one of my favorite Christmas traditions, which is always delicious to eat, but also one which brings back such a rich rememberance of great times growing up in south Texas.
Added by Gloria

I've created a tradition by giving my mom a fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery for several years now. She absolutely looks forward to it, and so does my dad!
Added by Leslie

I have (since I was a little girl) loved Collin Street's DeLuxe® Fruitcake! After I was married my Mother each Christmas would send me and my husband one. After she died I continued sending myself one, remembering her and her love.
Added by Marti

People who make jokes about fruitcakes have never had a Collins Street Bakery fruitcake. A wonderful tradition and one delicious cake.
Added by Jacqueline

I have had a number of friends say they did not like fruit cake. I then had them taste the Collins Street Bakery Fruitcake and they changed their minds. It's the greatest!!!
Added by Sherie

Yearly Tradition
Added by Deanna

Added by Evelyn

I ordered one of your fruitcakes several years back for a friend. My brother-in-law, Jim enjoyed them so much his wife, Bernice, ordered them for years. As Christmas gets closer I recall eating cake with them and decided to get my own this year. Even if it misses Christmas it will still be greatly enjoyed. I plan to "soak" it.
Added by Evelyn Johnson

I'm looking forward to the fruitcake arrival!
Added by George

Love the fruitcake since I was a little girl living back in Raymondville, Texas. Thanks a million for a great dessert.
Added by Shirlane

It has become a yearly thing to order at least one fruitcake. As my sons always say we only live once, why not but the best things in life. Of coarse, they were speaking of Collin Street fruitcake!
Added by Mark

Receiving a Collin Street Bakery DeLuxe® Fruitcake at Christmas from my uncle Rob, who lived in Texas, was a Headrick household family tradition. Uncle Rob passed away a couple of years ago and with that, the treat with that recognizable label and beautiful tin stopped coming too.

This year, I decided to pick up the tradition that my uncle Rob had so warmly created. I sent a Collin Street Bakery DeLuxe® Fruitcake to my grandmother's. She was not expecting it and boy was she surprised! I called her, when I found out she had received it, and she said she almost that moment, it was not "just a fruitcake", but so much more. I had a tortilla chip business and had similar testimonials. Those testimonials reinforce the hard work and dedication that you and your family have put into the business. Thank you for the avenue to bring someone joy this holiday season.
Added by C.S.

We have been eating DeLuxe® Fruitcake at Christmas since 1985 and friends who do not like fruitcakes change their minds after I offered them Collin Street DeLuxe® is simply beyond comparison. Every year my in-laws look forward to receiving the fruitcake from us...
Added by Babsi

Every Christmas we receive this wonderful Fruitcake from our friends in CA. They send it to us in Stuttgart (Germany), and we would like it, if Christmas could be 3 times a year!
Mmmm yummy, soooo good!
Added by Jose Federico

son deliciosos, estoy en arkansas de vacaciones y quiero que me manden 2 fruitcake!
Added by Chia

I was recommended by friends that Collin Street Bakery makes good quality Fruitcakes; so I am ordering one to try it out!
Added by Bill

Oh My Gosh, we've been eating the DeLuxe® fruitcake for years. Our son buys two at Christmas & doesn't share ! You haven't eaten a true fruitcake until you've had a Collins Street Fruitcake !!!
Added by Brenda

I ordered your DeLuxe® Fruit Cake this year at Christmas for the first time on the recommendation of a friend. Best fruit cake I have ever eaten. Will be buying frequently now.
Added by Freddie

When I was a boy my parents would buy a fruit cake each year at Christmas and that was a special treat. I knew he purchased them from Sears and Roebuck catalog but they no longer sold them and one day there they were on the internet--what I saw was what I remembered and I have been buying them for my family and friends for the past 10 or so years. "Boy" are they finger licking good!!!
Added by Jane

My friend served the DeLuxe® Fruit Cake when I went to visit at their cabin. It was so good that I came home and ordered one for myself and one for my son in Wyoming. He loved it.
Added by Albert

Your DeLuxe® Fruit Cake is the best I have tasted. I ordered one for my sister and she enjoyed it as well. Keep on making them :)
Added by Margreth

My dear mother in Germany, who is now 97, has enjoyed your DeLuxe® Fruitcake for many, many years. I think the reason why she is still so full of zest and joy for life is she is living from "fruitcake to fruitcake". She loves it so much. It keeps her going. Your fruitcake will get her to be "100". I am sure.
Added by Leo

I have bought these fruit cakes over the years. My friends who "never eat fruit cakes" are glad to share them with us. Holidays are always times of the year when you can share these with friends. Buy them so you can share them and watch the joy they bring.
Added by Barbara J.

Our high school band in Oregon sold these every winter. We have missed them so much since retiring. I never cared for fruitcakes and still don't EXCEPT yours. Thank you for a wonderful and tasty product.
Added by Rita

As a child, my family started eating (and loving) DeLuxe® fruitcakes from Collin Street Bakery. Of course, people who had eaten sub-standard fruitcakes always laughed when I told them I LOVE fruitcake. We had a few people over the years that would trust us and try fruitcake @ our house and many were converted! I'll only eat Collin Street Bakery DeLuxe® Fruitcake. There is none that is better.
Added by Gate

In the 1960's when my husband and I were students and lived out-of-state, his parents sent us a Collin Street Fruit Cake in the Texas tin every Christmas season. The cake came for years and I saved every tin. At the time it was always "Oh my, not another fruit cake." However, we GRAZED on the cake for weeks and I loved the cowboy tin. It was a homesick touch from home. My husband and I are in our early 70's now, and we miss the Xmas Fruit cake (signed love, mom and dad) so much. I am ordering a fruit cake because I need it. It has become a part of our family tradition. I will pass on the tradition to my grandkids someday, just to hear them say "Oh my, not another fruit cake", but they will love it, just as we have.
Added by Lynn

I dislike ALL fruitcake except yours! Have been buying it for years!
Added by Henry H.

Our family has enjoyed your DeLuxe® Fruitcake for so many years. There is nothing quite like it on the market anywhere. Hard to share but even harder to hoard.
Added by Thomas

It's the closest to my grandmother's recipe. Love it. Order it every year for me and my extended family.
Added by Herbert

I keep coming back for a reason. I love it.
Added by Anna

I have been ordering these cakes for the past 17 years. It is an annual appointment.
Added by Patrick

I have been ordering since 2003 from Melbourne Australia.
Added by Denis

Christmas simply would not be the same without our annual Collin Street fruitcake. Simply outstanding, for as long as I can remember.
Added by B.

In the 1960's I worked for a company that gave us a Collin Street fruitcake and enjoyed it so much, that I continued to purchase them for our family and friends. They are the best!
Added by Anne

I remember this cake since I was a child. My grandfather worked many years in Texas from the 70's to 80's and he always took this cake home to Norway for Christmas. A wonderful childhood memory.
Added by Geri

These cakes and pies are my mom's treat from me. She is 93 years old and lives by herself so she doesn't get to have many sweets. These are for her. Thank you Collin Street for help making my mom's life a little fun.
Added by Andre

We are tremendously looking forward to receiving our DeLuxe® cakes - the first in South Africa for us! We have already shown your catalog to several of our friends
and this order is for them. We hope to send you many new orders for more friends once our taste buds have experienced the delicious taste.
Added by P. F.

In 1967 my parents sent me one of you fruit cakes when I was in Vietnam. I was lucky to get a small piece of it. My friends took care of the rest. It was delicious.
Added by Robert

I bought the original Pecan Fruit Cake in the 1960's and 70's for my family and friends, then many things changed in my household and I haven't bought any for over 30 years, but tonight my son-in-law asked me if I had ever made a fruitcake, as he loves them and my daughter hasn't ever made a fruitcake, so I told him about the Collin Street Bakery fruitcake and we immediately ordered some. Thank you for your longevity and consistency in such a good product; I'm thrilled to share with another generation.
Added by Bette

Aloha from Hawaii. My dad sent us a Collin Street tin with the wonderful pecan-topped fruitcake every Christmas. We love it! Dad lived to be 2 days shy of his 93rd birthday. Last year it seemed like something was missing under the tree. This year it will be there...the box with the tin of "Daddy's Fruitcake" inside. Fond memories! Mahalo, Bette
Added by A. S.

Years and years ago my grandfather worked for Collin Street Bakery. There was some sort of "mishap" so every year they would send a fruit cake. Even after his death they sent one to my grandmother until her death at 105 in 1993. We have always thought these were the best fruit cakes anywhere! I ran across an ad in one of the newspaper flyers and I am now excited about ordering them again. Thanks for being such great bakers!
Added by Marilyn

When I was in high school in the early 60s, our band sold your fruitcakes every year to raise money. They were a big hit then and we have been buying them every since then! My 91 year old mom (a band mother then) sends one every Christmas to her nephew in Pennsylvania because he loves it! Thanks for a beautiful tradition and wonderful products. I love the new shop and stop there for lunch when traveling from Houston to Dallas or vice versa.
Added by Larry

My first fruitcake was a gift from a friend who had moved to Texas . Everything I have ordered was of good quality and looked so good. I like to surprise friends with a fruitcake at Christmas. It has become a tradition.
Added by Michael

My mom was taught by my dad's mom to make fruitcake (she lived to be 94). Fruitcake, to me, is a true southern tradition. Grandma made hers with all natural ingredients, some of which she grew from her garden. We use to go all around Dallas and Lewisville picking pecans, so we would get a great, fresh variety. Sometimes I cracked nuts until my fingers were cut so bad, but I knew that the "wounds" were well worth it (for the FRUITCAKE)!

Then I would notice the beautiful tins during the 1950's, 60's, and 70's with Collin Street Bakery DeLuxe® Fruitcake and all the scenes on the lid. My dad would drive to Corsicana and buy them. It was so close to Grandma's home. I asked "Why aren't you making fruitcake, Mom? Is Grandma going to?" She replied, "We don't have the time." It would take a week to prepare all the food for all my family that came together during the holidays. Many people came for the fruitcake, both hers and Collin Street Bakery's fruitcake.

Grandma died in 1973 and Mom got fruitcake in remembrance of her. There were several tins sitting in the frig and Mom said "Don't no one eat any of that fruitcake." The wait was worth it. For about nine years "visions of fruitcake danced through my head". Then I moved to Kerens, Texas, in 1982 and drove by the bakery for a couple of years before I saw the Collin Street Bakery sign. When I finally noticed it, I almost flipped my car over doing a U-turn. I walked inside and there were those beautiful tins that I remembered from growing up with Grandma.

For about 11 years, this ol' Texas boy was in hog heaven. I would buy fruitcakes all year round and let them get just under room temperature, just enough coolness with a little warmth...the smell...the flavors...memories of family members long gone, but never forgotten. Each bite was a flashback to days I wish still exist. It reminded me of funny things like: Uncle Bob, Uncle Lewis, cousins, Mom, Dad, Grandma, values, principles, morals, ethics, "yes sir", "no sir", "yes ma'am", "no ma'am". It reminded me about when families got together and spent time with each other (no Internet, Twitter, Facebook, text messaging). There was conversation with substance, laughter, sadness, and people cared for each other and felt the joy of being together...doing things, and going places.

Then this morning I had a taste for fruitcake after memories from the past crept upon me. As soon as I finish writing this, I will be placing an order for fruitcake. I have to bear witness to tradition and memories. Collin Street Bakery DeLuxe® Fruitcake is one thing I know will bring back something long lost...tradition.

I am panting patiently til the arrival of the four pound DeLuxe® fruitcake. This is one thing I can regain and not lose from my days of childhood while living so close to Collin Street Bakery. It is strange how we let things slip away and never have the opportunity to regain them.

Thank you for all the memories and the DeLuxe® fruitcake. It's as close as it can get to Grandma's/Mom's fruitcake. It doesn't have to be a holiday to buy all the excellent products from Collin Street Bakery. I will not forget you ever again and will be buying fruitcake throughout the years to come. I have to go place an order now.
Added by Cheryl

This is THE BEST OF THE BEST. No one else even comes close. This is by far the most superior fruitcake worldwide!
Added by K.

Every Christmas I hear jokes about fruitcakes, and how the same fruitcake, unopened, is re-gifted year after year. Obviously these folks have never been blessed with a Collin Street Bakery fruitcake!
Added by Jim & Karen

My mom would give us a pecan fruitcake every Christmas, so after she died we decided to send one to my brother and, of course, one to ourselves. It just can't be beat! We love them.
Added by H. C.

My dad sent us a Collin Street tin with the wonderful pecan-topped fruitcake every Christmas. We love it! Dad lived to be 2 days shy of his 93rd birthday. Last year it seemed like something was missing under the tree. This year it will be there...the box with the tin of "Daddy's Fruitcake" inside. Fond memories! Mahalo
Added by Jo Ann

This is the only fruit cake my family will eat, number one, no doubt!
Added by C. W.

This is the best fruit cake ever!
Added by Kathryn

My mother-in-law has been sending these cakes out for more than 50 years. We got ours yesterday. It is one of the highlights of our Christmas!
Added by Sally

This has been a life-long family tradition.
Added by B.C.

Oh my word!!! I received my fruitcake earlier today and I'm here to tell you, it is delicious. It was my first time to order one, but you can bet it will not be the last time. My Mom made them every year up to 1981 when she became ill and passed away on New Year's Day of 1982. This cake is so much like the ones she always made - so moist, full of fruit, pecans, just simply out of this world. Thank you so much Collin Street Bakery for such a scrumptious fruitcake and Happy Holidays to one and all.
Added by J.

I had tasted the pecan fruit cake in Tokyo, and it was delicious.
Added by K. M.

I received my DeLuxe® fruitcake as a Christmas gift from my brother. As kids, we used to love fruitcake - what a great nostalgic treat it was to receive your fruitcake, but what was even more of a surprise was how delicious it was! I admit to being part of the "underground" when it came to fruitcake - so many jokes are based on some bad experiences - but your fruitcake has made me come out and shout, "I LOVE COLLIN STREET BAKERY FRUITCAKE." I thank you and my brother for this delicious treat! Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!
Added by Nancy J.

Many years ago I had a wonderful piece of fruitcake. I never cared for fruitcake until I had that piece. I found out it this year that it was from Collin Street Bakery in Texas. I found your site online and purchased my first fruitcake. As a native born Texan I can tell everyone that they've never had a real fruitcake until they've had one from Collin Street Bakery! I now live in Washington state and will be ordering fruitcakes from Collin Street from now on!!!
Added by D. S.

Many years ago, my late mother began sending me a DeLuxe® Fruitcake for Christmas every year. After her passing, my youngest sister continued the tradition that Mom began. I just received this year's DeLuxe® Fruitcake and savored my first piece. I decided to share my joy to everyone on my Facebook account along with the Collin Street Bakery website so that they all know how good they are.
Added by Laura

Traveling to Texas a long long time ago my father discovered Collin Street Bakery and the Fruitcake. For about 10 years or more he always had his Christmas cake delivered. Many years have passed since then (probably over 30). Now he is 81 and probably doesn't expect to receive the gift that I will be giving him. We live in Milan, Italy! I'm fond of this surprise and happy I found you on the internet! Happy New Year to you, Collin Street Bakery.
Added by M.

I laugh out loud that this fruitcake can last for months! In my house it MIGHT last 3 days! My mom can eat a whole medium one by herself and she doesn't get sick (or gain weight). Thank you for a wonderful Christmas tradition! Merry Christmas!
Added by N.

Growing up in North Dakota, we would hear the horror stories and running jokes about fruit cakes. After trying this one, they would never have made the jokes again. We used to get one of these every year for Christmas and it would either last weeks or it would be gone in days. After I graduated and was out on my own, I would get them once in a while as a Christmas treat. Some years ago, the bakery that used to carry these cakes stopped and we couldn't remember the name of the company. I just remembered the tin, as I have a number of them around the house. This year life changed and I was once again looking for my holiday traditional food. I FOUND IT!!! I'm so happy I found this cake again. I'll be making this a holiday tradition that I will carry on now for years. Thank You!!
Added by Anonymous

Growing up in ND, we would hear the horror stories and running jokes about fruit cakes, after trying this one, they would never have made the jokes again. We use to get one of these every year for Christmas and it would either last weeks or it would be gone in days. After I graduated and out on my own, I would get them once in a while as a Christmas treat. Some years ago, the bakery that use to carry these cakes stopped and we couldn't remember the name of the company, I just remember the tin as I have a number of them around the house. This year life changed and I was once again looking for my holiday traditional food. I FOUND IT!!! I'm so happy I found this cake again. I'll be making this a holiday tradition that I will carry on now for years. Thank You!!
Added by J.

We love the Collin Street Bakery DeLuxe® Fruitcake. My dad sends one every year.
Added by K.

I have loved fruit cake all my life and, God rest her soul, nobody could beat my grandmother's, until now! My mom sent me one of your fruit cakes for Christmas and I was in heaven. I will be ordering and ordering and ordering from you from now on. Thank you for my making my childhood memories vivid and bright again!
Added by Diane and Gary

We just finished our fruitcake this morning with breakfast. It was the best fruitcake we have every had and my husband does not eat fruitcake. He is now looking forward to ordering again. Delivery time was great. Couldn't ask for better.
Added by Larry & Neicy

A family tradition that's always on time.
Added by Connie

Wonderful cake. Creates a great treat for my family.
Added by Connie

wonderful cake..creates a great treat for my family...
Added by Lawrence

My father has bought me one of your Deluxe Fruit Cakes every Christmas since I can remember (and I'm 57 years old). It has turned into a personal tradition between us that I have grown to cherish. Now he's 93 and he isn't able to continue our tradition, so I have taken it upon myself to continue it on my own. This is the first year I bought one for myself and it makes me a little melancholy -- but it is just imperative that I have one, both for the holiday memories and the excellent quality and wonderful taste of your product -- and the tradition it represents.

I have never been disappointed by your fruit cakes and I love that your product has remained unchanged throughout the years. Please accept this as my personal endorsement of your Deluxe Fruit Cake and an unqualified recommendation to anyone considering purchasing one.
Added by J.

I am 75 years old. I have eaten many fruitcakes, but yours is the best.
Added by Cindy

Your fruit cakes are the best! After having one miss-delivered, you sent me another one, overnighted. My mother in law was delighted as we had not had a fruit cake in a couple of years. Thank you for your excellent customer service!
Added by Nick F.

Collin Street Bakery DeLuxe® Fruitcakes are the best that I have ever had! I never liked fruitcake until I had a Collin Street Bakery DeLuxe® Fruitcake that was sent to me by a friend as a Christmas gift. I highly recommend Collin Street Bakery to everyone! You must try it! Delicious! Love 'em!
Added by R.

I live in the UK, London, England, and all my friends say the cakes are fantastic. My mate in New York did not know about you but she does now. All the cakes are great.
Added by Kathleen

I decided to comment tonight, because this is about the 6th fruit cake I have ordered for my mother on a monthly basis. She is bed ridden, suffering from a stroke and has decided in her own Italian way, that she would like to eat fruit cake every day (breakfast and sometimes a lunch snack). The Italians are always known for eating dessert first! Anyway as her health declines, I can't seem to order these gems for her fast enough. This brings her joy and peace in the quietness of her bedroom, downtown in the nation's capital. The city and the politics of DC go on, as she quietly enjoys each bite and I surrender to the fact that with each charge I incur, she really deserves all the best that life has to offer! It is too short! Thanks, Collin Street Bakery, for touching the hearts and families in a way you may never know!
Added by Peter R.

The best fruitcake I've tasted. Will order again when I return to the U.S. later this year.
Added by Mary

I got my first fruitcake many years ago from my mother-in-law and now I order them for our children, which is what I am doing now. I love fruitcake and the ones from Collin Street Bakery are the best. My son and daughter-in-law are celebrating their Silver Anniversary and I am taking this to them.
Added by Eva

I live in Germany and ordered your Christmas Cake approximately 25 years ago, with a postcard I had found in a magazine. The Internet did not exist back then. After some years of living abroad, I had forgotten the name of your company. However, I never forgot your absolutely delicious cakes. This morning I came across your company's name at Google and now I'm sure and happy that we will have your incomparable fruitcake this year at Christmas again and my whole family is looking forward to enjoying it again. Best regards from Germany.
Added by Cindy

This is the best fruit cake I have ever eaten. So moist and full of fruit and nuts. I have not doubt the other cakes will be as good. They are shipped and arrive in excellent condition. I never liked fruit cake before, so if you are not sure, try this one and you will order it over and over and over.
Added by Finlander

I have ordered the fruit cake to Finland several times. I really appreciate the taste and quality!
Added by Barbara

My husband LOVES your fruitcake so I am ordering one for his birthday....Thanks for such a great fruitcake!
Added by -B

This is the best fruitcake ever. It arrives safely and right on time.
Added by karron

Order one this year and I will bet you will be back next year (or sooner)!
Added by Sharon

I've ordered a deluxe fruitcake as a Christmas gift for our friends in the States for several years. Collin Street have always provided exemplary service and the cakes have been well received. I was introduced to the company many years ago by a friend in the States who sent one to us here in England. I've been a firm fan ever since. You won't find a nicer cake or a nicer company to deal with. Keep baking Collin Street.

From Somerset, England.
Added by Suellen

When my father received a Collin Street DeLuxe Fruitcake for Christmas in 1958, it sat in our fridge for several weeks before Mom served it to the family. That delicious cake was gone in one day and we have been fans ever since. Until her death Mom sent me a DeLuxe Fruitcake every year for my birthday. Now I send these yummy cakes to my daughter each year for her birthday and for Christmas. Last Christmas I smiled as I saw her feeding a tiny slice to her two year old son. Collin Street, you are an important part of our family traditions.
Added by Anonymous

My brother had these fruitcakes shipped to family for Christmas while he was living in Japan. He sent a very large one to our daughter while she was serving in Iraq. Her company had been on MREs for months. When she got the fruitcake, she set it on the counter in the barracks. The soldiers would pass the fruitcake and whip out their knives and hack off a piece. I suspect even those who had never liked fruitcake enjoyed that one! I am grateful my daughter got to eat some excellent food while in such a tough place.
Added by Diane

The best fruitcake ever. Now it comes sliced what could be better!
Added by Billy

Always look forward to this time of the year and Deluxe Fruit Cakes. I remember my mother and dad would receive them as gifts from friends who lived in Texas when I was a kid in the early 1950s. Now I'm 63 and I send them to friends and they love them!
Added by Susan

I have been buying the Deluxe Fruitcake for many years now. It is the best fruitcake I have ever eaten and the quality can't be beat!
Added by Pat

I have ordered fruit cakes from Collin Street for my brother and self several times, and now his daughter also orders for us. Now I have tried the New York Cheesecake, it is just as delicious!!
Added by Barbara

I have never liked Fruit Cake. When I first ordered gifts from here, I ordered one for my husband. I can't believe how good they are. I love them. Everyone I have ever sent them to just rave about them. It's a wonderful affordable Gift!
Added by Lisa

My grandfather used to buy Collin Street fruitcake every year, for as long as I can remember. Now that he has passed on, it's a very important tradition for me to order one for my grandmother every year. It's not the same if she (and I!) don't get to see that red tin with the delicious fruitcake at Christmas time. Thanks for creating such an important memory, and tradition, for us.
Added by Paula

Never liked fruitcake until I had my first piece of Collin Street Fruitcake 15 years ago. Yum!
Added by pamsilva

When my mother moved in with us, upon her ailment, she brought with her the custom of Collin Street Bakery fruitcake. I had three sons and excitement over fruitcake was less than welcoming a wet blanket. However, the arrival and setting out of said cake for all to smell and see was a different story. It was amazing how quickly it went. The next Christmas, my mother ordered a larger fruitcake, and, the Pineapple Pecan, ( my personal favorite) same sequence of events. The third Christmas, my mother added a Pecan coffee cake. If my beloved mother had lived longer, I dare say we would be up to no less than six or seven. They are a wonderful, wonderful tradition and they never disappoint.
Added by Anonymous

We have ordered from Collins Bakery for years. It is a Texas Icon for generations. Besides history, this is hands down, the best fruitcake your family will ever enjoy. Honestly wonderful, fantastic ingredients, balanced flavor & texture, awesome packaging & presentation. Have confidence you are sending absolutely the best.
Added by PHILLIP

love these fruitcakes, reminds me of the same my grandmother and mother made................cakes are GREAT!, keep up the great work
Added by Allison

My grandfather used to send my father a Collin Street Deluxe Fruitcake every Christmas. When my grandfather passed away (at 94!) my sisters and I wanted to make sure we carried on the tradition. It's been a staple for my dad every Christmas but he is still always excited when he receives that box in the mail.
Added by John

My Grandfather would send me the Deluxe Fruitcake for the holidays every year. It was always the best edible gift and I have always remembered it. In turn, I give them to my sons and family every year as a lucious desert treat. NO ONE makes better fruit cake!
Added by amason

After meeting my husband, I discovered that he ordered your Deluxe Fruitcake every Christmas. I declined the first time he asked me to try it. I never liked fruitcake until I tasted yours. Now we practically fight over the last piece. We also send my mother-in-law one for Christmas and she loves it too. Thank you Collin Street for making a truly delicious fruitcake - all other fruitcakes are just poor imitations of the real thing! =)
Added by Angela

My first experience with the DeLuxe fruitcake was in high school when we sold them for pep club about 40 years ago. I've loved them ever since and have tried to duplicate them in my own kitchen (somewhat successfully). Can't wait for my next taste treat from Collin Street Bakery!
Added by deborra

Since childhood Christmas meant fruitcakes. My father would bake THE BEST cake I ever had! Now Dad is 85 and would make me one if I asked for one. But a number of years ago a friend gave me a Collin Street fruitcake and I was blown-away. I now order one from Collin but I won't tell Dad!
Added by Anonymous

When I want to remember some of my fondest childhood Christmas memories, I eat a piece of Collin Street Bakery's deluxe fruitcake. It's wonderful to know that in this crazy world, some wonderful things never change!
Added by Wendy Wingfield

I received one of your deluxe fruit cakes as a gift this Christmas. Us Brits are very particular about our cakes, especially fruit cake! Can I just say that your cake was the most delicious fruit cake I have ever tasted? The combination of the fruits, pecans and glaze made the cake just divine - I cannot stop eating it!
Added by Valerie

My sister, Maggie, from LaPorte, TX, has been sending me your fruitcake for over 30 years. It is not only the BEST fruitcake I have ever had, it is the ONLY fruitcake I will eat. A true delight that I look forward to each holiday season.

Billings, Montana
Added by sdwassell

Living in the UK we can't buy cakes like this so it's wonderful that we can order them online. I am presently enjoying a pecan deluxe cake which was shipped to me for Christmas as a present from my elder son. It is a wonderfully moist, fruit and nut filled cake that is extremely "more-ish". I have to exercise strong willpower to only have one piece at tea time so that it lasts. Can't wait for next Christmas! Thanks for the great service and for tempting an Englishman to try something a little bit different.
Added by Barney

We ordered a fruitcake for the first time this year. It was wonderful. We will be ordering more often. Thanks Collin Street Bakery!
Added by Jenny

I am terminally ill with cancer and received one of your Deluxe Fruitcake's, wow! wow! wow!
I am experiencing difficulty with weight loss and food is a big put off, but this deluxe fruitcake is the business 110%+! Incidently, I'm on a trial drug that is also from the States and that has been a miracle to me.
3 cheers for the USA.
Added by SCOTT

Sent one of the Deluxe cakes to my mom and she raved about it!! Thanks Collin St Bakery!!!
Added by cathy

I love these cakes had my first one in 1972 and have gotten every year since. This is the BEST fruitcake ever made LOVE IT.
Added by Shirley

You certainly don't have to wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas to enjoy the best fruitcake you ever want to sink your teeth into. This one is just yummy YEAR AROUND!!!!
Added by desyac

My mother made the Deluxe Fruit Cake from Coriscana Texas has been part our Christmas celebration for as long as I can remember. I did not eat it so much when I was little...but growing up I increasingly began to appreciate the wonderful flavors...nothing at all like a cold day, a hot cup of English tea and a slice of your fruit cake.
Added by Carolyn

I just love these fruit cakes. My mother bought them when I was a teen and I continued ordering them as an adult. My husband stated he hate fruit cake, but has changed his mind now. He like the Deluxe fruit cakes just fine!!!! lol
Added by Thomas

A Collins Street Fruitcake COMPLETELY negates the old jokes about fruitcakes. This one is addictive and in a league of its own!!!
Added by Maria Beatriz Bendeck

Your fruitcakes are the best! I always send them to my best friends.
Added by hsalatt

I thought your Fruit Cake was perfect except for one thing, it was missing a smile. Then I thought, this is not true, the smile resonates through me when I have a bite of your cake :D
Thank you
Added by michele

I love the Deluxe Fruitcake. I thought I just loved any fruitcake until I tried another. It's Deluxe from here on out!!!
Added by MARTI

I used to sell these wonderful fruitcakes when in grade school back in the early to mid 60's. I was always able to sell these fruitcakes because they were the best! I also at that young age discovered that this fruitcake was the best-tasting fruitcake around. After I left grade school, my aunt knew of kids in her neighborhood that were selling them for fundraisers like I did and I would ask her to order one for our family, too. I have managed to get one each year since I sold them 50 years ago and now with the age of computers, I can order it online which I do each year. Nothing like a Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake!
Added by Anonymous

Are you kidding me??!! Stays moist and delicious in fridge for months.......ours never makes it to the fridge, we eat one in one day so I always order two. Love these fruitcakes and my brother looks forward to getting his every year.
Added by Joanie

I have been eating this fruitcake since the 1950's and they are exactly the same now as then - with the exception of the price. But then again everything else has gone up as well. Despite all of the jokes about fruitcakes being used as door stops, or being given away as "the joke gift" within a family for years on end, I can assure you these things do not apply to Collins Street Bakery's fruitcake. This is the best fruitcake made in the U.S. and competes very favourably with European fruitcakes that have come from bakeries that have hundreds of years of tradition behind them.

One little tip I have, although it is a bit of gilding the lily a bit, is to slice it into 1/2" thick slices and then pop it in the toaster, give a light toasting (do not give them more than just a tinge of browning, and then spread a bit of butter or cream cheese on the toasted slices. The warming really gives the seasonings a zing and tells you exactly how good this recipe really is.
Added by Anthony

Added by Edward D

Added by Anonymous

My Grandmother started enjoying these Fruitcake's as long as I can remember, She has since passed and I've been buying these fruitcakes for my Mother to honor their memories.
Added by kimio nelson

The deluxe fruitcake is the best...
Added by Anonymous

Can not wait until Christmas for our Collinstreet fruitcake!
Added by Flora E.

Your Fruit Cakes are the best. Have always been pleased with quality and service.
Added by judy rich

We'd have been ordering your fruit cakes for over 15 yrs. We bought them for all our family members one year. They now buy them too. (Pass it forward!). LoL. We all enjoy the best fruitcake in the world! No Brag, Just Fact! Thank Doctor Ben Blake (deceased now) for sending us one of your cakes years ago, introducing us to you.
Added by David Nickel

Best fruitcake we have ever had.
Added by dm

My Dad and Mom started sending this to my family over 40 years ago and we were hooked after the first bite. The only fruitcake I am proud to recommend.
Added by Anonymous

I can not speak highly enough about the level of customer service recieved from Collin Street Bakery!
Xina and Mr Crawford went out of their way to help us! This was a product requested from a long time fan - that wanted to share the wonderful product with friends and colleagues.
Added by Jimmie

I have been giving Collin Street Bakery fruitcakes for over fifty years and there are none better.
I stopped making my own when I discovered Collin Street as they use none of the horrible
bitter citron that turn people against fruitcakes. They are loaded with delicious fruits and the
best huge pecans in the world. Every recipient tells me they are so happy that they got the
same gift "again". You cannot go wrong. Great for shipping to any one in the military. They
will love it. Merry Christmas to all With Wishes of Peace throughout our world....
Added by Linda

My dad ordered these fruit cakes for us as a Christmas treat when we were young kids. I forgot about them for some time until my sister reminded me of them. They are the most delicious fruit cakes you will ever eat! I don't like the other fruit cakes made by others-only Collin Street's! Thank you for not changing your recipe!
Added by DJ

We have savored Deluxe "Christmas Cakes" since 1970! And, of course, everyone we know, including our kids and THEIR kids, haft a have a Collin Street Bakery delivery every Christmas, our we hear about it! DJ Arizona
Added by Marietta

Just " YUM" for Christmas and New Year (and w/milk in the sumertime from the frig!)
Added by GLORIA

I have ordered the Deluxe fruitcake before and is the best I have ever eaten, have tried other fruitcakes but I don't get the same quality, yours is best, I live in Houston and when I travel through Corsicana, Tx. I always seem to stop by to buy one.
Added by Junias

Hi... I am from Semarang - a small city far away in Indonesia... I have been ordering this Deluxe Fruitcake for years for my parents in Semarang and sisters in Jakarta, business colleagues in the US, London and Australia. Our family and colleagues always expect this cake every December. Yes. I will recommend this Special Fruitcake to everybody...
Added by Mary

I order the Deluxe Fruitcake for my dad every year. He loves it! Then I get one for myself. This is the world's best fruitcake and it wouldn't seem like Christmas without it.
Added by Marilyn

I have always enjoyed your fruitcake. My mom will certainly love it this year for Christmas.
Added by Mrs. Emmons

All I can say is WOW, the DeLuxe is outstanding!!! The only thing that can be better than getting one of these cakes is getting TWO!!!! The cake is rich and moist and there are pecans in every bite! Definately a loyal customer from now on!!!!
Added by Linda

I recieved my fruitcake today. Packed like indestructible container. Couldn't wait to sample. Oh my goodness, a small bite of heaven. Thank you Food Channel for your recommendation. But best of all Collins Bakery for yummy deliciousness. I plan to make this a Christmas tradition. Along with ordering cakes for special occasions. Thank you for the prompt service. I give you excellent 5 star rating.
Added by lcrojas

I used to order for my Dad every year trying to get back into doing it again, he LOVES the original Fruit Cake..
Added by John

I am a Type 2 Diabetic, and test myself several times daily. The wonderful presliced Collin Street Bakery Fruitcake is sliced in perfect portions to NOT spike blood sugar, and to work within the restrictions of our diabetic diets. Many thanks.
Added by ssst

I've never liked fruit cake before, until a neighbor of mine gave me two boxes for Christmas. Some one had given them to him and he wanted to get rid if them, so he gave me both boxes. I gave a friend of mine one box and kept the other. I came back from vacation and here is this fruit cake, Ok I'll try it. Boy oh boy when I opened up that tin and saw all those pecans on top of that cake I was in pecan heaven. Any thing with that much pecans has to be good. So I'm hooked. My friend and I can't stop talking about those cakes. I WILL BE PURCHASING ME A CAKE IN THE NEAR FUTURE.
Added by Rossana

The best fruitcake in North America could not stand the thought of eating fruitcake until my Aunt sent our family one for the holidays from then on I was hooked! Very unique flavour, moist, great package as well!

Added by Marion

These are the best fruitcakes in the world! I first bought them many years ago but lost the information as to how to order them. Then I saw them discussed by a Chef on the Food Network as "the best fruitcake he had ever eaten." When he mentioned that the cakes were from Texas, I knew they were the ones I had liked so many years ago. So now I am back as a regular customer and enjoying the cakes so much!

I have been buying this cake for every Christmas for longer than the last 20 years. It is delicious and I love it. My family loves it.
Added by Victoria

These are just THE BEST fruitcakes ever. I'm willing to bet that if you can inveigle a non-fruitcake eater into having just a couple (or even one) bite you will have turned them into a fruitcake lover once and for all. These are the real deal----nothing like those dry, crumbly ersatz fruitcakes that you see all around during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Victoria -- A former non-fruitcake eater but a believer now!
Added by Anonymous

Great Christmas gifts...everybody knows that a Fruit Cake from the Colin St. Bakery is the BEST!
Added by S. DAVIS

Continue to order from Collins Street Bakery and I always order the DeLuxe fruitcake. It's not just for the Christmas Holidays; it is awesomely delicious all year long!
Added by Anonymous

I remember eating this delicious fruit cake for Christmas when I was a little child, really brings memories, thank god Collin Street managed to survive the times, look forward to tasting the cakes again..
Added by Anonymous

My mom is 88 years old and we order one every year. She loves fruit cake.
Added by MARTHA

Eversince I tasted my first CSB fruitcake, I was hooked. They are a real desert and each portion should be thoroughly savored and not consumed like you are eating something just to eat.
Added by E.J. (from Denmark)

The cakes are just great!
Added by Athleen

I have been buying these cakes for my husband for over 30 years every Christmas. No one is allowed to touch his cake, and he very rarely shares.
Added by lou

I first ordered your fruit cake when I was stationed in Germany between 1969 & 1971 and I ordered one for every Christmas since then. I had some major events in my life and had to put aside my desire to enjoy an outstanding fruit cake. I have since retired from the Army (1982) and ironically, I relocated to Texas, (I am originally from New York) being as I have two daughters and 4 grand children who reside here. This year I will resume my tradition of ordering one of your fruit cakes for the Christmas hoilday. Thanks for an outstanding fruit cake!
Added by Bruno K.

I have been ordering fruit cakes since 1985. And last year a dream came true: Mr McNutt himself showed us through the factory before Christmas 2013. Guess what I do right now? Yes! Ordering more fruit cakes for this years Christmas to be shipped.
Added by Scott

SInce I was 6 I have been LOVING this I'm 52 now. THIS is the best thing you could ever put in your mouth. LOL.
Added by Connie

I send a Deluxe Fruitcake to my Dad and My Aunt (both living in Wisconsin) every year for Christmas. They think it is the best fruitcake ever. When my Dad would come to Texas to visit me, he always went to the store in Corsicana while he was here. He is no longer driving long distances which makes my Christmas gift that much more special.
Added by SHARON

This fruitcake has been a favorite of our family for many years. The cake is so moist and so delicious. No other fruitcake can compare to Collins Street deluxe fruitcake.
Added by Anonymous

Very good cake.
Added by Sandi

My mother is 92 and lives in a retirement home. She says "I don't need anything for Christmas.....just fruit cake". I've been ordering your cakes for 20 years. She loves them...says they're the closest thing to her Mom's fruit cakes!
Added by Merle

One of the highlights of my trip to Texas was an afternoon visit to Collin Street Bakery 2 years ago.
Added by suzanne

We have to have one or it's not Christmas!
Added by Darlene

Hi my name is Darlene and I have been a faithful customer since 2009. and I love fruit cake. I am from S.C. where my Aunt Evella is also a faith customer.
Added by Jay

For a number of years I worked with a Theater Company and purchased the Deluxe Fruitcakes for employees and friends. After the sale of the company, I went to work for a manufacturer and worked there for ten years, during which time I purchase the Deluxe Fruitcakes for both customers and office personnel as well as family members. I guess that would mean that for over forty years I have been, in some way, a customer of Collin Street Bakery and during that time, each year I would send my mother-in-law one. She eagerly awaited the arrival of the wonderful cakes from Collin Street Bakery and upon her death, we found that she had stored every empty can in her basement, I guess for us to find and realize just how much she enjoyed receiving the cakes. She would be very stingy with the cakes, hiding them in her freezer and would only share them with me or my family. Her own children had to beg her for a slice and usually the slices the gave them were very, very thin!
Added by V.S.

This is the best tasting Fruitcake ever!! I have liked Fruitcake since I was small, but this is the most wonderful cake I have ever tasted. You can tell it is made with a lot of TLC.
Added by Ronald E

My family loves this cake during the Holidays for it is a time tested wonderful product.
Added by Darren

I've been ordering from Collin Street Bakery for the past nine years. I send one to my Mom for her birthday every year! I love to pop a slice of DeLuxe Fruit Cake in the toaster oven and then take it out and add a little butter on top. Mmmm Mmm
Added by Julie E.

My Grandmother, Mama Lee Eubanks, sent us a fruitcake every year. She has been gone a long time now, but I think of her and that fruitcake. I decided this year to revive the tradition. So glad you are still around!
Added by Gary

Collins Street Fruitcake is a new holiday tradition. They are simply the best. We splurged this year and bought two!
Added by JAMES

Fruit cake has a bad reputation due to people who have never had one of yours! Merry Christmas!
Added by Anonymous

MMM the best! Received many as holiday gifts, enjoyed every one!
Added by Anonymous

OH... to add to the comment above....ITS THE ONLY FRUITCAKE that Papa and I ate.....NO other fruit cake could match COLLIN STREET BAKERY!!!
Added by Anonymous

For years my mother has purchased your fruitcake, and it has graced our table at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well I am 50 now, and I finally tried it for the first time on January 3, 2015. WOW!, it is the BEST......
Added by Anjum

My nephew from Bahrain orders online from you, I might visit him this Spring, I wish to take your fruit cake as a gift for him. He loves your fruit cake. It will be a surprise for him can't wait..
Added by D. Wilson

My wife has made our fruitcakes for 50 years. Now I order for Collin Street!
Added by TONI

My mother, who was from Texas, would send us a DeLuxe Fruitcake every year for Christmas. She has been gone for over 20 years, and we have maintained this tradition for ourselves. It is one of the most delicious desserts ever.
Added by Brody

Cakes are delicious a real treat and always turn up nice and moist and fresh comes a long way to get to me in new Zealand but always worth the wait :)
Added by cowgirl carol

When I had my own business I always ordered them for my salesmen and friends. I've been craving them for the last month and I found you online. I always like to soak mine in whiskey or brandy for at least 3-4 weeks and add more after the 2nd week. When you eat it you can't really taste the alcohol but it brings out the other flavors more.
Added by Carol

Forget if you think you don't like fruit cake, you will love this. A few years ago a neighbor sent us one for Christmas. My hubby said, oh no, not a fruit cake.! I said I have always loved fruit cakes, just try one bite. Well, for someone who doesn't like fruit cakes he ate two slices. And after that helped all of us to finish that cake within the week.

Now every year we have to have this cake. There is nothing like it anywhere! You will love it!
Added by Betty

Collin Street fruitcake is a family tradition of mine. My parents always gave me one for Christmas. I was born and raised in Dallas and my folks made many visits to Corsicana over the years. Your cake makes me feel closer to them.
Added by PR

My brother and sister gives my Mother a fruitcake once a year. My Mother loves your cake and is in no comparison to the other fruitcake from New York...Collins Street Fruitcake is the best!
Added by William

Returning customer who has been pleased for 30 years. It is an annual event.
Added by Maggie

I have been ordering this cake for at least 20 years and sent to many friends and family. Everyone loves it.
Added by Walter

The fruitcake has a bad rap. This is the fruitcake that tastes good and brings back memories to me. The earliest memory of Collin Street Bakery is in the early 1960's. My father was USAF stationed in Texas (I was born in El Paso) and from there it became a family tradition for the Holidays. No matter our location around the world, and before the Internet, we always had Collin Street Bakery products delivered via US Mail for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My parents have passed, but it is a Tradition I have carried on with my family on he Holidays. A Tradition that I already see my children are carrying on with their families. However, now it has now grown beyond the Holidays and we are ordering products year round now.
Added by Ruston

Your Deluxe Fruitcake is the most delicious ever! Have been ordering it for my friends since 1994.
Added by Nina

I've purchased these fruitcakes for friends and family for many years. They are by far the best available. You won't be disappointed.
Added by Anonymous

Collin Street Bakery was a client of mine and I always looked forward to visiting with them in Corsicana, sampling the Fruit Cakes, and purchasing a bag of Cookies from the Bakery.
Added by d.k. buckman

Christmas isn't Christmas without our Collins Fruitcake!!! My husband and I LOVE them!!
Added by Patricia

We LOVE this fruitcake and always try to order it for Holidays
Added by Richard

Some say "diamonds are a girl's best friend". I disagree... Collin Street Fruitcake are my Barbara's favorite gift... I never go wrong getting her one-- yes, for her birthday, Valentine's, Mothers' Day, Christmas... always a winner...
Added by Craig M

I've always ordered a deluxe sliced Fruitcake for my Dad for Christmas. Sometimes 2 or 3 during the year. They are the best!!!
Added by M. GAIGE

I had the pleasure of trying this cake some 20 years ago and I STILL remember the taste with happiness! I had always HATED fruitcake until the first bite of this lovely cake. I had to stop myself at the third piece since it was for the whole office I volunteered at, at the time. Now, since Food Network reminded me of the name, I can start making this a Christmas tradition for my family.
Added by Carol R.

I have eaten Collins Street Fruitcake for 50 years. My mother would always order enough so we were able to have it just about all year round. I love it.
Added by DicknKay

We send these every Christmas to all the folks and they all enjoy them - to future years. Thanks for the service! :-) DnK
Added by Jodie

Deluxe Fruitcake has been a Christmas tradition in our family for many years and there is no better fruitcake than this! We also send them for gifts and they are a favorite hit with everyone! Once you taste a Collin Street Bakery Deluxe Fruitcake it will become your favorite too!
Added by Anonymous

We want to let you know that you have changed us in that we went from those who don't like fruitcake into those who now love fruitcake only from Collin Street! The Christmas fruitcake that we received today will unfortunately be happily enjoyed before then. The good news is that you make your great products readily available year round!
Added by Anonymous

I have ordered a lot of fruit cakes from Collin Street Bakery over the years. This year, however, I ordered from another bakery in Texas. I have received this cake, and I must say, I will not order from them again, in other words, I will be ordering from Collin Street from now on.
Added by Diana

The best fruitcake that I have ever eaten!!
Added by Bill Zbacnik

Zbacnik Distributing in Hibbing, MN sent fruitcakes to friends, customers and family for many, many years. Joe would get Thank You's for months. I love carrying on the tradition!
Added by Natalie

Collin Street Fruitcake was a holiday tradition for my parents for over 60 years. This year I will be surprising Dad with the fruitcake in his nursing home. I know it will bring a big smile to his face. The product tastes great and the tin still has the original cowboy logo. I'm so glad some things never change! When they're this good, they don't have to. Christmas is not complete without a Collin Street Fruitcake! So thankful this bakery is still going strong!
Added by Judith Hutson

This is the first time we ordered a fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery, but it WON'T be the last. My husband and I love fruitcake and this is the best we have had. It is very moist and no bitter taste, full of fruit. We couldn't wait for Christmas to try it.
Added by Lee

Absolutely great fruitcake. You will not be disappointed.
Added by Rebecca

My husband will not eat any other fruitcake. He will eat one every four days.
Added by Joseph

Made an order on December 20th (2015). Received the Deluxe Fruitcake on the 23rd. I almost didn't place the order because it was so last minute but they really came through for me. My parents had mentioned this fruitcake because I had ordered it in the past. They LOVE it. I started ordering from here years ago from add in a magazine my mother cut out and gave to me for a Christmas gift idea. I said, "seriously?" (I thought fruitcake was a gag gift). Since then, I've ordered other various items from here that were all a hit. I've recommended this bakery to everyone I know.
Added by Judy

I have been buying Collin Street Bakery fruitcakes for, maybe, 40 years! They are consistently delicious and we always consider them a special treat. Occasionally I run across someone who thinks they don't like fruitcake and I tell them, Just wait until you taste this! Instant convert!
Added by Alma

This is the Best Fruit Cake ever!!! My husband loves fruit cake however he's very particular and wants something similar to the fruit cakes I used to make for the holidays. Needless to say when I ordered the Deluxe Fruit Cake as a Holiday gift he was a happy man. I can assure anyone who orders this Fruit Cake you will not be disappointed. We have sampled Fruit Cakes from several competitors. This is the best! Just ordered another one for Valentines Day.
Added by Nellie

I ordered a small fruitcake, first to try it. Then I ordered the largest one because this is about the best fruit cake I have had in years. It is well worth the money. It is moist, full of fruit, and just plan good! I will continuing ordering these.
Added by LAVON

I know, no one REALLY likes fruitcake, RIGHT? Well, I have converted real fruitcake haters with this cake. It is moist and chocked full of all the good stuff-pecans, pineapple, cherries and other the other good fruits. Try it and you will be hooked. I've been buying them for years and have been enjoying them for years. Love it!
Added by GLORIA

Absolutely the best fruitcake ever!
Added by Melvin D

I think the Collin Street Bakery FRUIT CAKE is the best in the world. The staff and employees friendliness and hospitality is the best. I ordered cakes since so far back I don't remember when I started, but it was before 1980. If you are ever in the area, please do not miss the opportunity to stop in person at the bakery. You will love it.
Added by jim

I've eatin' and loved fruitcake my whole life; starting in N.J. around 1961. Many are very good, but Collin St. Is the finest.
Added by Anonymous

Many years ago I was the PTA President at our Elementary School and we sold many of these wonderful fruitcakes. I think I probably ate 3 of them... They are the best fruitcake I have ever eaten.
Added by Rebecca

The best fruitcake out there! The balance of fruit to cake is perfect and lots of nuts! My friend Tina and I are the only ones I know who like fruitcake and I send her one every year I can now that we are in different states!
Added by Jacqueline V.

You will always look forward to the delicious Collin Street fruit cake. It's the very best fruit cake you have ever tasted. My son looks forward to his fruit cake every holiday season and so do I. Calling my order in today.
Added by Vera

I have been a customer since 1981. Never disappointed. You are the Best!!!
Added by Ommie

Just ate two (one wasn't enough) slices of your wonderful fruit cake last night. I am now placing my is sooooo delicious and I have eaten many great fruit cakes in my life....I'm 70 yrs old. Thanks for keeping the orginal recipe. It's when folks start "making improvements" that great things from the past get lost...or in your case, lose their flavor. Keep up the good work.
Added by THOMAS

A new tradition in our house. The Deluxe Fruitcake is the best I have tasted and my wife loves the Texas Pecan Pineapple.
Added by Tom

I began receiving a Deluxe fruitcake in 1964 and for many years thereafter while employed by Southwestern Life Insurance Company. The quality and taste of the cakes are always outstanding.
Added by Diane

My father has given us the mini fruitcakes for years. My favorite is the Apricot... Yum yum yum!
Added by William

After enjoying your DeLuxe Fruitcake, from my mom, for over 30 years, I have taken up the tradition and ordering one now for our family for years to come! Thank you Collins Street Bakery for a delicious yearly tradition!
Added by Michele

I always order one for my Grandmother up North. She LOVES them and asks for them every year! High quality and this is her special Christmas treat! Thank you for making an affordable, festive cake that my lovely Grandmother absolutely loves!
Added by Franklin

We just received our two Deluxe Fruitcakes. They are awesome! We love the one we have already cut into. And, the packaging is wonderful. Thanks Collin Street Bakery.
Added by Wanda

I always get one for my girlfriends get together at Christmas. This year I ordered 1 for the get together and 1 for my husband & I to share with our coffee. What's better than a Collin Street fruitcake? Two! Thanks for a special treat.
Added by Melvin D

We have been ordering from the Collins Street Bakery since around 1979. Their fruit cakes are the best in the world and the only fruit cake we have ever tasted that has the rich, moist, fresh but cooked to perfection fruit blended with the perfect texture of cake into one delicious fruit cake. Their staff gives you the feel of real southern hospitality when you visit their bakery also.
Added by Bina

My sister sent me this fruitcake as a gift for Christmas and I thought it was a joke. The first thing that came to my mind was the story about the infamous fruitcake that was "re-gifted" so many times, it made it's way around the world. Long story short, a friend unexpectedly visited and I pulled out the fruitcake. I'm so glad I did. WOW, this was one of the best desserts I've had in my entire life. Moist, loaded with walnuts and a very gentle fruity taste. It was like something I've never tasted before. I just ordered 2 more and want to always have one in the freezer waiting for company. I plan on ordering other flavors and I'm dying to try the cheesecake.
Added by Kelly

I have NEVER liked fruit cake. Oh my gosh I had this for the first time this past Christmas and I am now ordering my 3rd fruitcake! This is my new obsession! Try it once you will be in love!
Added by RICHARD E

My wife of three years, shes 84 and I'm 79, introduced me to this fruit cake and she told me it was the best in the world. Normally I don't like fruit cake but she was 1000% correct. This is the only cake that I've ever ate and liked it. Of course my wife comes from Pecos Texas and shes a Texan.
Added by Isabel

I've had your fruitcakes since I was a child and I still love to eat them and send them as gifts!
Added by Kelly

Let me just say I HATE fruitcake! Until I had COLLIN STREET! I have ordered 3 since Christmas! It is moist, delicious and beautiful every time. Fruitcake is NOT just for Christmas anymore!
Added by Jo Anne

Oh my goodness! The fruitcake is the very best I have EVER had! On to the Pecan Pie!
Added by Annette

This has become a tradition now. It started with my parents ordering from South America. Now I continue from Sweden. For the past decade or more we invite our neighbors to an Eggnog party where the delicious Fruitcake is one of the main attractions on the table. It isn't Christmas until we share our cake with them!
Added by Lynne N

Great fruitcake - an annual tradition
Added by Carole

Been buying your fruit cakes for about 30 some years.. love them! I'm buying this one for myself!
Added by Andy Ohwada

I have had DeLuxe® Fruitcake every Christmas since 1986!!! I remember. I was much younger!!!
Added by HOMER

For flavor and quality that has extended over 45 years, no others out there even come close to Collin St Bakery baked goods.
Added by Mary

My aunt sent our family a Deluxe fruitcake every year for Christmas. We always looked forward to it. Now I carry on the tradition.
Added by Anonymous

I got my first fruitcake back in 1978. It was a gift from my boss and my first thought was crap because I never liked fruitcakes. All I can say is I have bought one every year during the holidays since then. Yes they are fantastic!!!
Added by Merle Johnson

Love the pecans! So many. Such a treat.
Added by Nigel

Great cakes!
Added by Anonymous

Growing up in Texas, the "Corsicana fruitcakes" were an annual splurge. It was the only fruitcake I'd ever known, and I never got all the jokes about how awful fruitcake was. Every holiday season I try to resist. And every year I end up ordering one for myself. Corsicana fruitcakes and tamales mean Christmas to this Tex-patriot.
Added by LENORE

I ate my first Collin Street Fruitcake and have been purchasing ever since. I freeze and serve straight from freezer. Will thaw enough to eat by time it is sliced, placed on table with a cup of tea. Much better cold than at room temperature. Everyone I serve to agree on this. Try it!
Added by Robert

Christmas 1928 my Great Aunt arrived with a fruit cake that had been miss delivered to her house. She wanted to give it to my Dad who was four years old and very sick with diphtheria. He started to improve afterwards and everyone attributed his recovery to that fruit cake. A guilty conscience is a power thing.

Christmas 1944 my Dad was standing a deck watch on a ship in the south Pacific he was talking to a fella from Texas who, it turns out had lived just down the road from him in 1928 and had the same last name as my Great Aunt. The fruit cake story came up and the mystery was solved. "My Mom always wondered what happened to that fruit cake. I'm going to write her and tell her I found the fella that ate it!" My Dad said, "Don't forget to tell her it saved my life!" So every time I eat one of your fruit cakes I have to laugh.
Added by Mike

As a native and proud Texan, Collin Street Bakery is simply a Texas tradition around the state and internationally as well. It’s always a treat to open the tin. Many U.S. President’s have had these fruitcakes in the White House. This bakery is “one of a kind.”
Added by Antoinette

Our family too, was gifted every year from the early 30's by our cousin Genevieve Harding who lived in Delta, Colorado. To my parents Myron and Jane Tanenbaum in Denver. They are now deceased but the memories of waiting every Christmas for the fruitcake to come are still with me. Thus it is with great honor to your family that I am going to order for my husband and I and another RN friend of mine today. :-)
Added by RITA

I have been eating these fruitcakes since I was a little kid. My mother always bought this brand, because none of the others could come close. So I have to admit I've been eating these over 50 years!
Added by Marilyn G.

I received one of these fantastic fruitcake Christmas a few years ago. Only one I have ever cared for. Ordering one myself this year. Amazing product. I will probably have one for Christmas from now on.
Added by Jeannie

My husband's favorite time of year and your fruit cake makes it even more special. Best fruit cake in Texas!
Added by Peggy

Your fruitcakes are so good!
Added by Tammy

We order these fruit cakes every year for ourselves and gifts and look forward to their arrival. Always great!
Added by Deborah K.

The darn fruitcake on the planet. Beautiful presentation and worth every bite.
Added by RUTH A.

We have been enjoying Collin Street Bakery Deluxe Fruitcakes for years and years, sent each Christmas by our Cape Coral, FL, sister. We three sisters absolutely love your fruitcakes and feel that Christmas wouldn’t be complete w/o your exquisite fruitcake!
Added by Pat Rae

I have ordered fruit cakes in the past and in my opinion, there is no better fruit cake than the ones that come from Collin Street Bakery. i am trying to order another one as we speak.
Added by KATIE

This is my Christmas present to me every year... I love this fruitcake!
Added by Ruth

Since I am not in Texas any longer and can't easily make a drive to Corsicana like we used to, I always look forward to ordering for the holidays. Yes, I know, you can have fruitcake anytime. I just think it is extra special when you can share with friends during gatherings. Also, my father and his wife truly enjoy receiving their fruitcake every year in PR! Collin Street never fails in providing the best fruitcake!
Added by Miriam R.

We can wait to enjoy the best Fruitcake the family ever had, we been buying your exquisite fruitcake for years~ Miriam R.
Added by LISA

We have been ordering your fruitcakes for Thanksgiving and Christmas for 35 years now. Thank you for your products, and for the joy you have brought us through the years.
Added by J. P.

I’ve lived in Garland Texas for years and for years I’ve swung by when on the road just to buy their fruit cakes. Never, ever had I had one as delicious as theirs...
Added by DEBORRA

i order the deluxe fruitcake every year! my father and his mother are from England. They made one every year. This cake is just like theirs. it is delicious and it brings back so many wonderful memories. Thank you.

The very best fruitcake you will ever eat. Like so many people, I did not like fruitcake, but after tasting Collins, I was hooked. It is delicious. I have been ordering the Deluxe for over 20 years.
Added by Anonymous

Shipping to my kinfolks in Montana. She bakes a great fruit cake but I wanted her to see what Texas does. Love my Corsicana fruit cakes!
Added by della

I have ordered these cakes for many years and they are second to none.
Added by DIANE

Oh my goodness! So delicious! It just arrived yesterday. I had it with my morning coffee and was in heaven; it is moist, not too sweet, lots of tender pecans and colorful fruit. I love that I got mine presliced into perfect portions, separated by waxed paper. I am sending my brother-in-law one today. Thank you!
Added by NAN

Richard and I still love these fruitcakes after 43 and a half years. Nothing can beat them!
Added by LINDA

The best fruit cake we have ever eaten. We order at least two every Christmas, and enjoy every bite.
Added by tom

I really love these various cakes. I am diabetic and I can not understand just what it is in these cakes but they do not raise my sugar. I have been buying these for over 11 years and I fully intend to keep buying them. I gave a piece to a good friend and she loved it, so I got her the petite and the small deluxe for a Christmas present. She has been a friend for over 14 years and bakes yet another cookie that I just love in nut or apricot. I grew up thinking they were kiffles but my friend calls them by another name. Anyway, I love these Collin Street cakes and recommend them highly. try one and you shall see also.

I have been looking for the best fruitcake, Living in Georgia I just did not like the fruitcake that is being made in our state. So I done some research and decided to give Collins Street Fruitcake a try. I am very glad that I did, it had to be the best fruitcake that I have ever had. of fact I purchased 2 cakes, one was placed in the freezer where it stayed for about 1 week before we started eating on that one. As long as they continue to produce this quality of fruitcake I will be their customer. Keep up the good work!
Added by LOIS

My daughter told me about your fruitcake Our whole family like them. I ordered my first one this year. My husband died and I wanted to give myself a good present. It was great. I had never seen one that had been cut with the paper between slices. I enjoyed it and told my kids how good it was.
Added by SHIRLEY

My husband is addicted to these. It used to be only at Christmas time but you see it has expanded.
Added by LUCINDA

Your fruitcakes have made many of our family occasions..."Special Occasions" and not just for Christmas anymore. We've added the pineapple as a new favorite for us.
Added by

The Russells have been in Corsicana for 100 years plus. I have gotten fruitcakes from there since the 1970s at least. Great product, great people
Added by

The first time I ordered one of your delicious cakes was 39 years ago. I am still impressed about the quality the way you handle the order.
if you at any point of time decided to go public. Please let me know your needs before you that happen.
I will be proud to be associated with wonderful people like you.
Sincerely Yours,
M. Rashid
Added by NANCY L

Enjoying fruitcakes from COLLIN STREET BAKERY since 1973. The first one was a corporate CHRISTMAS gift to a relative. it was such a surprise to taste a fruitcake that was actually delicious. They are the best, and I have tried many over my lifetime. The traditional fruitcake is my treat to ME.
Added by Lynne N

I have been ordering this fruitcake for many years - started after receiving one from my Aunt who had been doing the same thing. This is the best!
Added by B. COOK

I am 64 years old. I started eating these when I was about 5. There are no better fruitcakes than this.
Added by

collin street fruitcakes are deliciiious
Added by BARBARA

Been ordering fruitcake from Collin street since the early 1970's. The very best!
Added by PENNIE

These are the most delicious Fruitcakes ever! Even people who think they don't like fruitcake can't help but love the Collins Street Fruitcake!
Added by Carol

My husband and I love your fruitcakes and look forward to our order being received each year as we prepare for the Christmas Holidays!
Added by JUDY

Best fruitcake ever. I have ordered many now!
Added by Gloria

Would like to be able to print out my order, receipt !
Added by Franciscus

Season's Greetings
Added by Mary G.

Since I was a very little girl, fruitcake was a start of the holidays - Thanksgiving and Christmas. Collins Street fruitcake keeps my memories and my family tradition alive in my minds eye. Thanks for the memories!
Added by Neelu Kishan Pahilwani

Lovely exclusive fruit cakes...have been ordering since 1992...appreciated by friends when gifted to them... keep coming back and ordering again and again.
Added by LOU

The fruit cake was delicious. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery.
Added by David

I have been shopping since 1973. I have never been disappointed. Always consistent quality. Makes a perfect gift
Added by DEBBIE

My mother-in-law's favorite! She used to purchase them every Christmas for herself, but now that she is older, we purchase them for her to continue her Christmas tradition. Having them pre-sliced is especially useful since she can easily offer them right out of the tin to her friends and family as well as enjoying a snack herself. Thanks for helping keep her tradition alive!
Added by Patricia

We have been getting the Deluxe Fruitcake for over 50 years - Christmas wouldn't be the same without it! Now that our parents have passed, a new generation is continuing the tradition.
Added by

I balked at the price and from past purchases from other companies. My fruitcake today and had to try a piece. It was superb! I have to say it's even better than my own, which is a lot in that I'm a retired professional chef. I will be purchasing again and happily recommend this company, especially the fruitcake.
Added by JANE

I have ordered from Collin Street bakery for a number of years. My mother ordered from them. Have not had better.
Added by Michael

Your password requirements are a bit over the top. It is easier for me to sign in to my bank. How many people steal fruit cake?
Added by

My boss used to send me a Collin Street Bakery fruit cake every year for Christmas. I think my boss was from Corsicana and so was well aware of what a wonderful treat this was! I just bought the regular size cake at Albertsons here in Roswell, NM. It is delicious! Thank you for such a lovely holiday treat! Oh...I bought it myself!!!
Added by

a friend shared a slice of her cake with me and I can't wait to receive mine.
thanks ilene
Added by Lynda

My mommy orders this every year. She’s not able to this year, so I’m ordering it for her. It is the best ever!!
Added by James

25 years ago my wife ordered the large for our large gathering at Christmas. She was out of town when it arrived. When she got home and found the empty tin, she was so mad that if the roads had not been icy, she would have left! But it was and is the best Fruit Cake I have ever had. Now I let her serve me..
Added by Joanne

I was so disappointed when our 'Strawberry Fudge Pecan Cake' arrived! I sadly thought it would be a big cake like my parents sent us years ago (the traditional one in the red decorative tin). I haven't cut it yet since I got it for Christmas dinner, though I'd love to try it before hand as would my husband. However it's so small not much would be left. I'm sure it will be delicious... though not NEARLY enough for everyone. I'm at a loss as to why there wasn't a choice of ordering larger size's of this particular cake, which I would have gladly done (at least a medium size). This was a really unpleasant surprise.
Added by claude

Top of the line for fruitcakes......... the best deal is the large sliced fruitcake
Added by

Added by LINDA

Great and tasty
Added by Cristi Z.

This was my first time ordering a Collin Street fruitcake, and my first time trying one. I was not disappointed at all. I brought it to work to share during the holidays and it disappeared quickly. It was so good. I will definitely be buying this again in years to come. I loved it. I also ordered it sliced, which kept the fruitcake clean and easy for everyone to grab a slice.
Added by Savanah

This will be my first year trying one. Hope they are as delicious as everyone says!!!!
Added by carole

My family received your fruitcake every year from my husband's favorite aunt. They are both gone and we have not had the fruitcake for several years. This year my daughter bought one in a nearby mall from a familiar kiosk and we tried it. I'm not sure how they sell it to anyone over once. Not good. We are new/old customers from now on. There is only one good fruitcake and it's Texas Fruitcake.
Added by Jack

I first tasted your deluxe fruitcake at Xmas, 1963, and declared it to be the best ever and, is set apart from the others by the extra pecans. I just finished this year's and am ordering another one. My neighbors are not fond of fruit cakes so I gave them one of your cherry fudge pecan cakes. Before I could get a taste, they froze it and thawed it in the microwave. It did not seem to have any density to it and was very rich. Maybe I'll try one fresh next Xmas since I did not get the real experience.
Added by Judy

I have purchased two this past holiday and what can I say??? They're absolutely wonderful!! I've eaten other fruit cakes and nothing, absolutely nothing compares to a Colin Street Bakery Fruit Cake. Rest assured that I will be purchasing more as I need them for special occasions or just really get a craving for these luscious cakes!!
Added by CARMEN

Felicidades!! I'm your customer for 40 years because I love your fruitcake.
Added by Margaret

I bought a regular sized Deluxe fruitcake during Cyber Monday sale. I had to share it with my friend. Big Mistake as I craved more than just that half of the Regular sized fruitcake. So I am back again to get another one just for myself. I am 70 years old and I have been eating these forever. I guess that is a testimony that few can share.
Added by Carol

I’ve heard about these fruitcakes for a long time. Last fall I saw an ad on Facebook and ordered one. My husband and I loved it! We didn’t share with anyone!
Added by Mary Jo B.

My family has been buying and sending these for over 40 years. Of course, they used to be 2x as big but of course, ingredients become more costly. They are so good!!!! I get them sliced so they last longer. If you like fruitcake, there is none better.
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