Miniature Pecan Cakes

#454 International Miniature Pecan Cakes - Set of 4

 (1) Mini DeLuxe® Fruitcakes
 (1) Mini Apricot Pecan Cake
 (1) Mini Pineapple Pecan Cake           
(1) Mini Texas Blonde Pecan Cake

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5 Reviews
Added by LINDA S

I love your fruit cakes, especially the apricot...
Added by Rosemarie

I keep ordering the deluxe fruitcake and have it sent to Canada. Best fruitcake I have ever had and this year trying the pineapple and the Texas Blonde. Can't wait until they arrive
Added by Rebecca

I have only tried the Deluxe fruitcake which was delicious. Please offer an assortment box of petites.
Added by barney

You need to say what size these mini cakes are.....
Added by Karen

Would love this boxed set to be part of the sale. I haven't personally tried any of the products and would love to!
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