DeLuxe® Fruitcake

Deluxe#103 Large (4 7/8 lbs.)

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4 Reviews
Added by wdewell

Bought my first fruitcake last Christmas. It was simply delicious, just the right amount of decorated red and green fruit, delicious pecans and the most wonderful cake, fresh and correctly moist. It was great!
Added by AMELIA

We love, love this fruitcake because it does not taste like fruitcake for those that hate it!! My husband and others that I have shared a slice cannot believe that it is actually a thank you for making the best ever fruitcake
Added by Ericka

My mom Loves your fresh fruity cakes!!!
Added by Richard

I received my fruit cake just before Christmas. Everyone at our Christmas party raved about how beautiful and how great the cake taste. I had numerous request on where I got the cake, I showed them the nice tin that the cake came in and several guest wrote down your name and address. Your cake was a hit at our Christmas party, I will order this cake again.
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