DeLuxe® Fruitcake

Deluxe Made with native Texas pecans, organic Costa Rican pineapple, and pure clover honey, our DeLuxe® Fruitcakes are sweet and delicate. As Collin Street's crowning achievement for over 122 years, our DeLuxe® is certain to turn you into a fruitcake lover.

Servings Per Package: 30 | 2 lbs 14 oz | Item #102

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8 Reviews
Added by Jacque

Added by Linda

I have ordered these fruit cakes for years they are the best ever!!!
Added by Jan

Fantastic fruitcake! Best I’ve ever had.
Added by William

We have bought a lot of these fruitcakes in various sizes. It is the best fruitcake anywhere.
Added by Robin

I have never liked fruit cake....until my in-laws got me to finally try Collin Street fruit cake in 1984 at Christmas. I was shocked because I really liked it! Over years I’ve been ordering this fruit cake and it’s by far the best ever. Anyone who doesn’t like fruitcake (like I was), I challenge you to try Collin Streets fruit cake...who knows, maybe you’ll be a convert like me! All it takes is one bite and you’ll be hooked for life.
Added by Tony

My parents used to get these deluxe fruitcakes at Christmas for me and my brothers and sister every year and they are the best. Now my parents have passed, but my children still remember the cakes, so i have decided to continue the tradition.
Added by Shirley M.

There is no better fruit cake than this one. Been buying them for years.
Added by Dee

I have never had a Fruitcake made in the USA that compares to Collins Street Bakery's cakes.
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