Miniature DeLuxe® Fruitcake

#420 Miniature DeLuxe® Fruitcake (9 oz.)

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9 Reviews
Added by Dolores

Love your fruit cakes!
Added by Nancy

Wouldn’t buy any other fruitcake.
Added by Michael

My special lady raves on about your fruitcake!
Added by Mary Jo B.

I send them to family and friends just like my mother did for years. Everybody is thrilled with them and doesn’t mind if I forget and send more!!!!
Added by Anonymous

To be honest, as a kid I grew up with this tin container. Every year my mom would order this fruitcake and she and my dad would enjoy it. I didn't like it as a kid but it. Delicious. And in my case comes with years of memories.
Added by Patricia W

Collin Street fruitcakes are the BEST? I have eaten several kinds of fruitcake in my life and I can promise you these are The Best. I order them a couple times a year and especially at Christmas. It wouldn't be right to have Christmas Dinner without a Collin Street Fruitcake.
Added by JANET

My all time favorite fruitcake!!
Added by Faye Graffius

I love these fruitcakes. I was sent one from a friend, and we liked it so much, my husband ordered another. I will have one here for Christmas this year.
Added by Frances

Our family has been eating Collin Street Fruitcakes for over 65 years! They are delicious and last a long time in the refrigerator. Thank you so much for your Deluxe Fruitcakes.
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