Pecan Halves & Pieces

Native Pecan Halves

Great for Holiday baking and as a healthy snack.

By popular demand! The very same new-crop native pecans we use in all our Texas pecan cakes and Texas pecan pie recipes. Weight 1 lb. 7 oz.


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Item: 229 - Native Pecan Halves - $29.95
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Added by Anonymous

I live in Germany and ordered your Christmas Cake approximately 25 years ago, with a postcard I had found in a magazine.

Worldwide Web was not a common practice in the time. After some years of living abroad, I had forgotten the name of your Company.

However, I never forgot your absolutely delicious cakes.

This morning I came across your Company´s name at Google and now I´m sure and happy that we will have your incomparable fruitcake this year at Christmas again and my whole family is looking forward to enjoy it again.

Best regards from Germany!
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