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Added by MARY

I haven't tasted fruitcake this DELICIOUS since I was very young!! I have had two fruitcakes and one cheesecake so far, and I know that I will be ordering them again.

But I digress ......

This page is about pickles. I usually eat sour or dill, and every now and then I eat bread & butter pickles. I cannot accurately describe the joy my mouth feels when munching these delectable circles!
I have yet to eat only two pieces, so I will be ordering again soon.
Thank you so much for such wonderful products!
Added by NANCY LEE

These are the BEST PICKLES you will ever find and eat. I buy the case as my husband and I LOVE the taste and order before we run out. Collins Street Bakery makes everything so good and can not go wrong with anything they put out. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO.
Added by Carol

These pickles are outstanding! I bought two jars, & my hubby has already eaten one jar. Although I admit I helped him. They are a bit pricey, but we love them. And there is some special flavor going on there that I can't quite figure out. But, they are delicious! And so crisp. These are better then any home made ones that I have tried.
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