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Added by mabel

i fell in love with the DeLuxe fruitcake the first time i had a bite and that was way back 1986, a kind hearted person gave it to us as a family present.
Added by M. K.

Aside from my Mother's fruitcake, this is THE BEST I have ever eaten.
Thanks Collin Street Bakery for making this delicious fruitcake available.
Added by Sylvia

I wasn't a fruit cake fan until I had a slice of your DeLuxe® at an office Christmas party. Wow! Now I love it but only Collin Street Bakery will do. Thanks so much.
Added by John

My mom loves your fruit cakes! She said she has never had one that was so fresh and wonderful before, so I think she is hooked. Thanks Collin Street Bakery for making my mom's day.
Added by CCP

My sister loves this cake and that is why I'm buying it.
Added by A. B.

I have ordered your cakes for years. They are the best!!! When my brother was on vacation, he stopped by your bakery and bought me a cake and a t-shirt. I also want to add: your customer service is awesome.
Added by Marsha

Thank you Collin Street Bakery for the best fruit cake ever! I was not a fan until I tasted yours at an office party. I'm ordering a presliced one that should last my very large family through Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Added by emj

I have been mail ordering these fruitcakes for over 35 years from all over the USA. Now I am in South Korea and still ordering. I am now a little over-weight so I will only order one this year, I hope. My wife is also a little overweight so she will be upset with me because she loves the fruitcake, too.
Added by INGRID

I don't wait for the holidays to enjoy Collin Street fruitcakes. I think they are wonderful in the summer also. :-)
Best I've had!
Added by Alan

It just wouldn't be a proper holiday season for our family without a Collin Street fruitcake. It's a strong part of our traditions with our family having roots in east Texas.
Added by Bridgette

Collin Street fruitcakes are the absolute best!! I have enjoyed them every year since I was a little girl. It's just not Christmas for me without one. The addition of the already sliced is great too.

Thanks Collin Street for such a wonderful tradition that is always perfect year after year!
Added by Clyda

I have had your deluxe fruitcakes for years, even though I am a diabetic, I do indulge at Christmas by eating a piece of your cake. I use to make white fruitcakes for years but the recipe makes so many cakes and I would eat too much, so I found Collins Street and never again will I make Fruitcake. It is delicious.
Added by Antonio

I have been buying these cakes since 1980. I know, my oldest daughter will be enchanted and delighted with this remembrance on this Holidays season. She was 3 year old when she tasted this Yummy Yummy cake.
Added by Walter Skalniak

We've just finished one Fruitcake, and it's time to order another!! Makes a great evening snack.
Added by Anonymous

I first tasted this fruitcake in 1955-1956 when my high school band sold them as promotion. SO good, but could not find them later until a few years ago. Brought back good memories! and this is the only fruitcake I like. Thank you!
Added by John

The sliced fruitcake is fantastic for those of us who are Type 2 Diabetic. The slices are thin, and I have discovered that enjoying a slice in the evening does NOT throw off my sugar control. Eat without harm or guilt.
Added by Anonymous

Oh my! This is the best fruitcake ever. Received it as a gift. I love the preslice slices. I almost ate the whole thing in just a few days. Oh my waistline. It's growing, but I don't care. It is worth it. Yummy!
Added by John

The deluxe is one awesome fruit cake and can be very addictive. Hands down the best fruit cake I have ever tasted. Presliced is the way to go. I will definitely be a dedicated customer for as long as possible.
Added by Joyce

My husband was a landscape supervisor at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO when the Hunt Family owned the park. Lamar always sent a fruitcake for Christmas. My husband has been retired for many years, but he mentioned the fruitcake this year and I found your store and had one delivered for Christmas. All I can say is: WOW!

Thanks for bringing back good memories. I hope to make this an annual purchase and maybe add a few more this year. ..
Added by PHYLLIS

I have been ordering since 2009. This fruitcake is the closest to my mothers' that I've ever tasted.
Added by NANCY LEE

When the holidays come around I order these fruit cakes as they are so good. We are so picky on our fruit cakes as my husbands mother made them when she was alive and we finally found one that is very close to it. I like all the goodies that Collins Street Bakery puts out as is so fresh and so good to eat. We do not even share with friends as is our treats for the holidays.
Added by Kay

Added by ALEDA

I have been a customer for several years, this is my favorite fruitcake. Delicious.
Added by sara

I have loved this fruitcake since a colleague brought one back from Corsicana in the 1970s. Also Corsicana is the place of my father's birth which adds a special feeling and taste to it.
Added by The Johnsons

My Mother is from Huston Ruth born and raised there one of ten.... eight sisters and two brothers. I was born in 1956 that was the first time I had Collin Street fruit cake we lived in a remote logging camp. It was the place of my birth where my Dad was a Lumberjack, called Johnsondale California (in the high sierras). It was a lumber camp with 15 cabins and a general store and a small mill all the roads were mud dirt or snow. One year, it snowed so bad no one could get in or out for months the closest doctor was 9 hours away. I came down with pneumonia we ran out of food other than some broth, deer meat, and a fruit cake from Collin Street. She took me out and dipped me in the frozen water of the Kern river to bring down my temp of 104. It worked then she took the bread part of the fruit cake, mushed it up with powdered milk and feed it to me. I got well we made it through the winter. Ever since then we have always had a Collin Street fruit cake around the holidays. Now she is 82 and each year one of her five children send her favorite fruit cake and I get one for myself and now my roommate orders for herself and her family as well as my sisters and brothers. They make the best of everything hands down over the years we have tried many of their products with a smile on our face. This year I think I'm going to add pickles to the list. I love them and I know they will be the best.

Thank you for being true to your tradition Collin Street. Forever a fan.
Added by Anonymous

I had the pleasure of tasting this cake here in the UK yesterday. What a treat. It was utterly delicious.
Added by Betsey, Morristown TN

Awesome! Awesome! My first experience with your bakery. I usually bake mom a cake every year but had the flu this year and couldn't. My mom is 91 years young and fruit cake is her favorite. I found you online and decided to try yours. Mom Loved it... Only a bite left! Thank you so much!
Added by Roy

My wife does not like fruitcake. Many years ago a friend of mine gave me one of yours. Over the years I lost information on your company, thanks to the internet I've found you. To make a long story short, I ordered one of yours and asked my wife to just try it, well it's gone. This is the best I've ever eaten. Keep up the great work. Thank You!
Added by Amy

Hi, I tried the fruitcake almost 40 years ago. Loved it then and love it now!!!
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