Sliced DeLuxe® Fruitcake

Deluxe#456 Sliced Regular (1 7/8 lbs.)

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11 Reviews
Added by wanda

Best fruitcake EVER!!!!
Added by Anonymous

Received one for Christmas, best fruitcake I've had in years!
Added by jingles

I have used these fruit cakes for sixty years, and my Father before me some thirty or forty years. They are the best cakes in the world.
Added by Maria D

We have been buying this fruit cake and other cakes, and pies for over 40 years. They are the best.
Added by Anonymous

We have had these fruit cakes from Collins for so many years that I've forgotten how many, but have never forgotten how fresh & delicious they have always been. YUM YUM.
Added by Tom

Very happy with my fruit cake. Even fruit cake haters loved it!
Added by Anonymous

My mother is 92 and her sister is 88. She has never understood the "fruitcake jokes" because these are always so delicious! She has been buying one for herself and one for her sister for Christmas for decades! Great product and wonderful attention to customer satisfaction.
Added by Sharon

I have never liked fruitcakes until I ordered one for my husband, who really missed good tasting fruitcakes like his mother used to make. I have become a Collin Street Bakery fan, big time! They are moist, flavorful, and boy do they not skimp on the pecans. I have now ordered several and they never miss on the quality. I also love the coffee, it's not bitter like most and has a very mild easy to drink flavor like coffee should. Thanks from one very pleased fruitcake lover, and one convert.
Added by Janet S

I used to make fairly good fruitcakes. I'm so glad I never have to make one again! Thank you Collin Street Bakery!
Added by Debra S.

I have searched for a similar fruitcake I've eaten years ago that was delicious. This one is a perfect subsitute. I have bought several and enjoy them very much. Most of all I love the ideal to be able to buy them all year.

Thanks for the treat!
Added by Anonymous

I have bought your fruitcakes locally & then they quit selling them & they are the best! I decided to try & get one over the internet & was so happy to be able to buy one there...
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