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Due to circumstances beyond our control, the supplier of our glaceed strawberries has notified us that we will not receive our strawberries in time to make our luscious Strawberry Pecan Cakes and Petites in time for Valentine's Day delivery. (These items can still be ordered to arrive at a later date.) Due to this unforeseen situation, we have added additional items on sale for you to choose from for Valentine's Day.
Please accept our sincere apologies. 

$24.40 - $33.50
$31.45 - $44.40
$27.95 $24.95
$30.95 $27.95
$29.95 $26.95
$30.95 $27.95
$37.75 - $49.70
$30.95 $27.95
$30.95 $27.95