A Sweet Package

Stop your hunt for that ideal holiday present. Collin Street Bakery's DeLuxe® Fruitcakes are known all over the world--and for good reason.


Address an envelope to "Fruitcake, U.S.A.," and it should arrive in the mailbox of Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas. At least it's happened in the past.

This company, one of America's foremost mail-order food companies, ships a million of their DeLuxe® Fruitcakes around the world each year. It's the answer to the family-who-has-everything holiday gift dilemma. And out aside your preconceived notions about fruitcake. This confection is incredible.

A Sweet Legend 
Corsicana sits 50 miles south of Dallas and owes its fame to these nearly 2-pound cakes. Founded in 1896, this small bakery has evolved into a powerful mail-order business. Customers include Vanna White, Lyle Lovett, Nolan Ryan, and folks who live in about 200 other countries.

The cakes come in decorative tins, which show a Victorian couple traipsing through the snow beside a cowboy spinning a lariat. Following Gus Weidmann's original recipe, the sugary treats are stuffed with our clover honey, pineapple, papaya, cherries, and pecans.

More Than Fruitcakes
Don't worry if fruitcake isn't your thing. Collin Street makes plenty of other items that have attracted a devoted following. There's a deep-dish pecan pie, white chocolate-macadamia cheesecake, and apricot pecan cake.

 Still, it's that unexpectedly delicious fruitcakes that gets--and deserves--all the attention.