Neighbor, Icon, Beacon of Hope: Big Tex

When you attend the State Fair of Texas, you can’t miss Big Tex smiling down on you and your family. Collin Street Bakery recognizes his legend-status and wants you to know why he means so much to Texas.

Texas State Fair Gates and Big Tex

The State Fair of Texas & Collin Street Bakery
Did you know that Collin Street Bakery makes an appearance at the Texas State Fair every year? Catch us at the parade! Because you can’t have Texas’ favorite fair without Texas’ favorite dessert.

Historic Collin Street Bakery Delivery Horse Carriage

Historic Timeline of Collin Street Bakery

Founded in 1896 by German baker, August Weidmann (Wideman), from Wiesbaden (Weezbahden), Germany.  A young immigrant riding the railroad up from the port, stopped off in Corsicana and founded his first bakery. Check out our full bakery timeline on the next page.