Eating a decadent fruitcake during the holiday season is one of the oldest and most enduring holiday traditions. But, once the holiday festivities come to a close, you’ll want to do something creative and delicious with the fruitcake that’s left behind. Instead of serving simple slices, treat your friends and family to a fruitcake experience that is equally scrumptious the first, second, and third time around.

We at Collin Street Bakery have a special place in our hearts for cookies – and we’re not the only ones! When early humans began to use stones as tools, they would grind up grain, mix it with water, and cook the paste on hot stones. This paved the way for the range of baked goods...

When it comes to our furry friends, we want to give them the same kinds of delicious treats as those we bake here at Collin Street Bakery.