Historic Collin Street Bakery Delivery Horse Carriage

Historic Timeline of Collin Street Bakery

Founded in 1896 by German baker, August Weidmann (Wideman), from Wiesbaden (Weezbahden), Germany.  A young immigrant riding the railroad up from the port, stopped off in Corsicana and founded his first bakery. Check out our full bakery timeline on the next page.

Star-Studded Cast to Portray Sandy and Kay Jenkins in ‘Fruitcake’

Hollywood brings Corsicana’s small-town drama to life in ‘Fruitcake.’ The movie’s plot centers around the true story of how Sandy and Kay Jenkins embezzled over $17 million dollars over the course of 9 years from Collin Street Bakery.

P.E.S.H. Cave Expedition - How Fruitcake Fuels Scientific Discovery - Part 1

Collin Street Bakery fruitcake helped to keep this group of enterprising cavers energized and focused during their annual month-long scientific exploration of the Sistema Huautla.