DeLuxe® Fruitcake a Holiday Tradition Close to Home

Close to Home: Holiday Sweet-Tooth Traditions

Fruitcake had a long journey to holiday relevance. But now, it’s a staple of the season!

Learn more about its holiday history and how Texas became a hot-bed for our favorite sweet treat. And learn about a few wacky holiday traditions here in the States.

Comic Style Celeb with Large WOW Sunglasses

Learn About Our (Not So) Short List of Celebrities Who Love Collin Street!

Did you know Collin Street is famous among the famous? Well, it’s true! Our tin cans travel from Hollywood to the Big Apple and everywhere in-between. No one’s as famous as you, of course. But these individuals are customers we value just the same!

Cowboy Tries Fruitcake at Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, TX

Bakery Visitor's Try Fruitcake In Corsicana, Texas

We had people try fruitcake, some for the first time in their lives. Their reactions are PRICELESS! Watch a few of our customers and their thoughts on new and original products.