Collin Street's I-45 Corsicana, Texas Location

I-45 & Hwy 287
2035 S I-45
Corsicana, Texas  75110

2018 HOURS:

Mon - Sat 7 am - 8 pm
Sun 11 am - 7 pm

Featuring our famous DeLuxe® Fruitcake & Texas pecan cakes, custom-made sandwiches made fresh daily from our own artisan breads, home style soups, garden-fresh salads.  Enjoy one of our gourmet coffees at our Cinchona Coffee Bar, icebox cherry cookies, baked pies, cakes as well custom made baked goods.


Texas Pecan Cakes & Fruit Cake

Texas Pecan Cakes

Collin Street Bakery Corsicana Texas I-45 Location - Raisin Bread & Fresh Baked Breads

Dilly Bread, Fresh Baked Bread

Corsicana Location - Enjoy lunch, breakfast, coffee or dinner

Chef at I-45 Location

I-45 Location in Corsicana, Texas

Corsicana - DeLuxe® Fruitcake

Texas Pecan Cakes & Fruit Cake at I-45 Corsicana location

Added by M.S.

Love this place....I have been going to CSB since 1967, when we moved here from California. Once a month from Houston to Dallas to visit family, as a teenager and young adult. Now I'm taking my kids!!!
Added by Nancy

I own a tour company (sew great tours) and we love to stop here on our way from Iowa to Houston - the international quilt show! We have been stopping since 1994! Love the downtown bakery. Last three years we have stopped at the new location on the highway - really nice. Great sandwiches too!
Added by Gregory

Thanks for such a well designed online web site! I usually only order at Christmas time, but if I'm ever in the area, I'll be sure to stop in for a treat.
Added by Gordon W.

The first one was so good (small size); I'm ordering a large one today (sliced).
Added by P.

My grandparents lived in Corsicana and memories of my grandpa taking me down to the bakery are a wonderful part of my life. The sweet ladies always gave me a big sugar cookie! Now 43 and living in Kentucky, I tell everyone that they must experience the DeLuxe® Fruitcake. It's the best in the world.
Added by Christine

On my way to a training in Fort Worth, I told my co-worker that my family and I love fruitcake. He proceeded to tell me that Collin Street Bakery offers the best fruitcake in the world and the bakery has been around for over a 100 years. He was surprised that I have not heard about Collin Street Bakery. I was a little skeptical at first because I have tried all kind of fruitcake even the one from Neiman Marcus which is only offered around Christmas. On our way back from the training, we stopped by the Bakery so I bought 3 boxes of the DeLuxe® Fruitcake and 2 pies. The fruitcakes were out of this world. They are not dried or too sweet. They were just perfect. My dad finished two fruitcakes in a week and I just placed an order for 3 more (1 large and 2 small). The bakery is not only famous for the fruitcakes but for pies also. The crusts are so buttery and fresh. Too bad, I couldn't order the pie via mail. Maybe I'll just make the 3 hours trip for the pie.
Added by Jo Ann

Where ever our family has lived, we always ordered our Christmas fruitcakes from Corsicana! In the 1960's, some of the family lived in Accra, Ghana. We could hardly wait for the Christmas delivery. Mother would lock up the fruitcakes and save them as a special treat after the Christmas Eve Mass. One year someone picked the lock and there was not a pecan or red cherry to be seen. Mother called the Corsicana office and ordered more fruitcakes to be sent by Air Post. They arrived in 3 days, and everyone had a terrific New Year's Eve.
Added by bzmb

I love the bakery cakes and the cinnamon bread. My favorite are the bacon/cheese scones.
Added by Anonymous

This is the most awesome bakery.
Added by Randy

i think collin st bakery is wonderful they are a wonderful bakery with such yummy cookies and cakes they are the best in corsicana they have wonderful bakery on west seventh and store on highway 45 at corsicana crossing a beautiful store with more of the collin street bakery goodies they are the best!
Added by Gail

Every time we travel south from DFW and we are on our way back we stop at SCB on I-45. What do we buy? Nuggets, golden, chewy, sweet, moist nuggets! Nuggets with milk, nuggets with coffee, nuggets with tea...So delicious..Sometimes we pickup an item or two of another scrumpious delight for a friend but for us it is always the nuggets. So this year before Christmas we went to the SCB web site and ordered gifts for family members who don't live in Texas. We wanted to send "nuggets" in addition to other goodies but the nuggets are not included in the catelog online. So disappointed, Guess its another trip to Corsicana in January.
Added by marilyn

Love your food, clean facilities...
Added by Aleda

Beautiful & Delicious
Added by randy

Collin Street Bakery is the best! They have very good cakes, cookies and the Deluxe Collin Street Fruitcake is the best - they have wonderful products!
Added by Anonymous

Traveling to Dallas my husband an I decided to stop by Collin Street Bakery so glad we did. We met the sweetest employee who said we could call her Big Mama :). She makes the best chicken salad and chicken and rice soup. The soup was especially good it remind us of Turkey and dressing! Seriously. Thanks for making our day so special! Big Mama. Here's another Big Hug!
Added by D. T.

I love to stop by CSB while charging my Tesla driving Houston-Dallas-Houston. Tesla supercharger and CSB is a great Symbiotic relationships
Added by Ted

I enjoyed the sugar free apple pie I got last week on my way to Houston, so much that I want another!
Added by Conchita

This is undoubtedly the best fruitcake I have ever had. They remind me of my grandmother's -- moist and always wanting seconds. I could eat them all year round. Thank you Collins Street!
Added by Anonymous

My daughter and I stopped here yesterday evening on the way home to Houston from Dallas. I had heard of Collin Street Bakery but am not a fan of fruitcake so I hadn't been here before. I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of baked goods other than fruitcakes. I brought a chocolate pecan pie home to serve to friends today. It was a huge hit. Now I wish I had gotten several! I also had a chicken salad sandwich which I highly recommend. Thanks Collin Street Bakery!
Added by Anonymous

When my grandfather came to American the only English words he knew were "Collin Street", "Corsicana Texas" . His name was Max. Max owned Macray Department store. We always went to Collin Street Bakery when I spent my summers in Corsicana! My all time favorite.
Added by Anonymous

My sister and I stopped here on Sunday and had the BEST Grilled Cheese Sandwich I have ever had. Can't wait to go to Dallas again so I can stop in again.
Added by Gnome Nurse

Love the pecan bread. Greatest chicken salad this side of the Rio grande.
Added by MICHAEL

My uncle (my mother's only brother) sent us a fruit cake from Collin Street Bakery (CSB) every Christmas when I was a child. When I entered the Air Force and went overseas I thought my Christmas fruitcake was a long ago memory, but to my and my wife's surprise we got a CSB deluxe fruitcake in the mail every Christmas, in Germany and in Crete Greece, from Uncle Clifford. He died 20 years ago and for a number of years there was no Fruitcake for Christmas but about 5 years ago I discovered the CSB web site. Since then we have fruitcake at Christmas and I also send one to my mom, who is now 91. I make sure the greeting with each cake says "Merry Christmas from Uncle Clifford". He was the best uncle a kid could have and what better way to remember him!!! The Fruit Cake is great! At first, it might seem a little expensive but once you taste it you will be a customer from then on.
Added by Mona

We really love Collin Street Bakery. I would love to stop by one day when we are headed South. Try and order from them every year. Yummy for my Tummy
Added by Anonymous

My name is Gloria Galvan I live in Cypress TX now, but born in McAllen TX. When I was little my mom an I would look through different books to see different thing to buy , all though sometimes that wasn't possible ,we could only dream. My mom loved fruit cakes , an I learned to love them to, one day we saw your fruit cake in a picture, but they were all the way in Corsicana Tx.. I would tell my mom , mom one day we are going to go there an buy the real thing ,well mom is gone to be with the Lord an I am 73, but guess what , we are going that way on a quick vacation , I picked up a book an there you all were same place, I always wanted to go .I told my husband of 49 years , honey that is one place I always wanted to go ,so God willing this coming Tuesday June 26 , 27th 2018. (Guess who is coming to dinner) lol me...see you all soon if all goes ok, I can say ,(I made it mom..
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