Apricot Pecan Cake

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    Our Apricot Pecan Cake combines the bountiful harvests of Australia and Texas to create an exquisite treat. It has quickly become one of our customers' favorite specialties for both themselves, and as a welcomed gift to send year round.

    The Regular size is 1 lb. 14 oz., and serves 16-20 guests, and the Medium serves 24-30. Perfect for you. Perfect as a gift.

    Each Apricot Pecan Cake is the perfect balance of native pecans (27% pecans), shelled here in Corsicana, Texas.

    We select only the finest whole apricots from the sun-drenched groves of the "land down under." After they are harvested and glaceed to add a gently sweetened flavor, they are shipped to Corsicana where they are combined with the finest Texas native pecans, we hand-sort them, and both these ingredients are combined with a rich sweet, clover honey batter to hold the apricots and pecans together. Big flavorful slices of sweet, succulent apricots abound in every bite. Your cake is shipped in a reusable tin to preserve its moist flavor after opening.

    Each Cake arrives in an attractive keepsake tin.

    Refrigerated, stays moist and delicious for months.



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    Our Cinchona Costa Rican Coffee is a rich gourmet coffee that comes from the mountains of Costa Rica. The "rich coast" of Costa Rica, abundant with Tropical rainforest, white water rivers and live volcanoes, has for centuries produced some of the world's finest coffee.


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    Make it a special gift with a hand-wrapped seasonal gift box around your cake.

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    Apricot Pecan Cake 1 7/8 lbs. & Coffee


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    USA 7-14 BUSINESS DAY STD. $6.95

    USA PAL (Military Only) 1 TO 3 WEEKS $6.95


    Apricot Pecan Cake 2 7/8 lbs.


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    USA 7-14 BUSINESS DAY STD. $6.95

    USA PAL (Military Only) 1 TO 3 WEEKS $6.95


    Apricot Pecan Cake 2 7/8 lbs & Coffee


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    USA 7-14 BUSINESS DAY STD. $6.95

    USA PAL (Military Only) 1 TO 3 WEEKS $6.95


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      The DeLuxe® Fruitcake, Apricot Pecan Cake, Pineapple Pecan Cake, Texas Blonde Pecan Cake, DeLuxe® Fruitcake Gift Set, Apricot Pecan Gift Set, Pineapple Pecan Gift Set, Set of 4 Mini Int'l Fruitcakes, and Coffee.


21 Reviews
Added by Donna

The Apricot Pecan "fruitcake" is the best one I have ever had the pleasure to eat! This is from a person that used to hate fruitcake until I tasted this one.
Added by Carmen

It's the best!!!
Added by Alessandro

The cake arrived and I must not be tempted to gobble it up at once. It is delicious! And pre-slicing is a very good idea.
Added by Linda

My husband loves this one the best.
Added by Cathy

The Apricot Pecan cake is amazing it is easy to eat way too much in one sitting. Great with coffee or milk. I think it is the new fruit cake for our generation. I also send it to my friend in Portugal and it arrives fresh and delectable great for overseas gifts. Thank you Collins Street for your high standards.
Added by Rhonda

I sent my brother the apple pecan cake for Christmas. He said it was now his NEW FAVORITE DESSERT!!! Now he wants to try the apricot pecan for his coming birthday!
Added by Patricia W

We have been fans of Corsicana since 1980, and before that it was a favorite of my Mom's, who received it first as a gift. Our family fave is the apricot pecan version. I have sent Christmas gifts to Europe and all over the states, and never had a problem. Thank you, Corsicana elves!
Added by acharles

My favorite cookie from your bakery is the really thin, chewy pecan lace cookies. My grandmother would make special trips to Corsicana for the yearly purchase of fruitcakes and occasional trips just for cookies. Collin Street Bakery is a Texas icon.
Added by Eileen

We love fruit cake but I haven't made one in 25 years--since we were gifted one of yours. Now it would not be Christmas without one of your tins arriving on our doorstep.
Added by charmayne

I have known about Collins Street Bakery all of my life. My mother used to order their Fruit Cakes every Christmas. Such a treat for me to order cakes for my daughters. A bit of family tradition.
Added by Dennis

People who "hate" Fruitcakes have never tried one of these.....Fabulous!
Added by Elizabeth

The apricot-pecan fruitcake is the best ever! Moist and fruity, with lots of tender pecans! An option to make it extra special: poke deep holes in the top with a long toothpick, and pour some good brandy or bourbon over the top and let it sink in.
Added by Debra

When I was in high school we used to have a Texas Fruitcake sale every year to make money for our choir trips. We used to love to start the fruitcake sale because they would give us packaged "samples" to hand out to our prospective customers, so they could see how wonderful this fruitcake is, not like the normal, boring, dry fruitcake people are used to! Unfortunately for the customers, we students loved the fruitcake so much, we would EAT all the samples instead of giving them to the customers. Then the customer would have to take our word for how good the cakes were. But you know, they would buy them every year, and didn't need the samples. They KNEW how good they were. These cakes sold themselves. Best fruitcake you'll ever eat.
Added by Peggy

We agree with one of your other posters: people who "hate" fruitcakes have never tried one of these. We love your fruitcakes and so do the friends that we gift them too.
Added by Cristina

I remember when I was growing up, my oldest brother from Long Beach CA (now in his mid 80's) used to send each of one of his brothers and sisters this delicious fruitcake every year for Christmas. We looked forward to receiving it yearly. We miss the fruitcakes he used to send us and Christmas will not be so without it so now we order them ourselves. Now it is our turn to send it to him as he requested nothing else but this fruitcake as a Christmas gift.
Added by Denis

For years I am happy to order Christmas cakes with Collin Street. A wonderful moment of division with my friends. Happy Christmas to all!
Added by Brenda

I used to watch my grandmother make fruitcakes while growing up. Hated them! I love your Apricot Pecan Cake!!!!!!
Added by Papa Ned

My sweet sister Nancy, can't live without her "pecan deluxe fruit cake". She is 94. I keep her supplied with your super service.
Added by Ruth

My daughter, Deb, will be arriving on Dec. 17 th. About the same time as her favorite Apricot Pecan Cake!!!
Added by Donni

The apricot fruit cake is now my all time favorite. This cake is filled with so many plump, delicious apricots my taste buds were celebrating and thanking me with every yummy bite. If you haven't yet tried one of these scrumptious treats, do your taste buds a favor and order one today. Life is short, eat Collins Street Bakery Apricot Cakes.
Added by Lorene

This year was my first time to taste the Apricot Fruitcake. It was all I expected and more!
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